The Committee for a Workers’ International - with parties, sections and members in 35 countries in all five continents - greets the working women of the world for International Women’s Day, 2001. Since the end of the 19th Century, March 8 has been the day on which to commemorate the struggles, the victories,...

May Day 2003 takes place in the aftermath of the brutal imperialist conquest of Iraq. The US led war has profoundly altered the world. The globe is much more dangerous and violent. Where is next on the White House’s list of targets – Syria, Iran, North Korea or Cuba?

WORLD ’LEADERS’ are preparing a global publicity stunt - the World Summit on Environment and Development. From 26 August to 4 September, 65,000 delegates from 174 countries will descend on Johannesburg, South Africa. Security will be provided by 27,000 police.

Workers and Socialists all over all world are celebrating May Day this year against the background of darkening economic clouds and the bright light of what could be one of the most significant victories the labour movement has won one for some time.

The World Congress is a unique opportunity to discuss and clarify our ideas and perspectives. This week we have had excellent Congress sessions. They have shown an outstanding political level. Now we must turn to the party building work that flows from these discussions. In other words, we have to examine the nuts and...

MORE THAN 300 people from all over Europe, the USA, Middle East and Asia met at the CWI European Summer School.

NIGERIA IS a neo-colonial country under the shackles of imperialism and its multinational agents. Women in Nigeria are marginalised and oppressed, as are women in capitalist society generally. Women are doubly oppressed, first as workers whose employers seek to maximise profit by exploiting their labour power, and...

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