Linkse Socialistiche Partij(LSP)/Mouvement pour une Alternative Socialiste(MAS), the Belgian affiliate of the CWI, for the first time ever stood nationally in elections and won at least 19,841 votes.

Socialist Party councillor Dave Nellist was re-elected with the highest poll in the St Michael’s ward with 1,586 votes, and Socialist Party councillor Karen Mackay came second with 1,449 votes – also being re-elected.

As counting proceeds, the Socialist Party in Ireland, a leading force in the anti-Bin Tax campaign last year, has already won four councillors in the local elections, doubling its representation in the process.

cwi members participated in Mayday demonstrations around the world. Below are just some of the reports of their activities from Australia, Austria and Nigeria

Emilie du Chatelet died after child birth in 1749 at the age of 43. She knew the dangers of a late pregnancy. No anti-biotics to control infection; nothing to control uterine bleeding. Doctors did not bother to wash their hands or instruments. But she stoically accepted her probable fate. She’d always worked long...

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