Everything to play for in 2017. 
2016 was the year when the pent-up anger of the masses worldwide finally spilled over in a series of political earthquakes - a delayed reaction to the devastating world economic crisis of 2007-08. And tremors are still being felt, with serious aftershocks – if not new earthquakes...

Jack London’s timeless classic. 
Jack London, the socialist author, died one hundred years ago on 22 November 1916. Probably his most well-known book, The Iron Heel, describes an epic struggle against brutal capitalism. Although fictional, contemporary events form the backdrop. The book was published in 1907,...

US ‘deep state’ under the spotlight. 
“It’s not about terrorism,” says Edward Snowden in Oliver Stone’s latest movie, “Terrorism is just the excuse. It’s about social and economic control.”

Clare Doyle reviews ’Eleanor Marx - A Life’ by Rachel Holmes

New technological innovations are having a huge impact on the capitalist system, a subject explored in a new book, The Zero Marginal Cost Society.

Exposing the ‘architecture of oppression’

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