It’s not surprising that Michael Moore’s documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 is storming the US. The film’s release coincides with Americans’ growing anger at George Bush and his right-wing regime.

IN ONE of the most controversial and the highest-grossing Spanish films ever, ’The Basque Ball’, director Julio Medem examines the Basque question through hundreds of interviews.

Among members of the Socialist Party, Francis Wheen is certainly most widely known as the author of an excellent biography of Karl Marx. Equally worth reading is his latest work, How Mumbo-Jumbo Conquered the World.

Goodbye Lenin is a political love story set in East Germany (GDR) around the time of the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

"Many multinational corporations feel their mouths water at the mention of the opening up of the Indian economy. India offers a good ground for plunder. Even if only 10 per cent of the population of 1.06 billion have 5,000 rupees to spend, that offers a big market." (1 euro=56 rupees).

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