War, hunger, hated Tsarist regime: class tensions reach breaking point.
The following article from the new site, 1917revolution.org is the first of a series of articles that analyse and explain, month by month, the stormy events of the revolutionary year of the Russian revolution. The first in the series, by Niall...

Preparing for revolution. 
When the Russian revolution began in February 1917, leading revolutionaries, including Leon Trotsky and Vladimir Lenin, were in exile. Commentating from afar they sought to influence events, while planning their return. In the meantime, the Russian government was headed by right-wing...

Defending the legacy in a new era. 
The year 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the Russian revolution. The 1917 revolution stands out as the greatest event in history – so far – though its significance has undoubtedly been tarnished and obscured by the grotesque degeneration of the Soviet Union and the...

November 7th anniversary of workers’ taking power. 
Today (7 November) on the 99th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, we republish an overview of the momentous year by Clare Doyle, which was first published on this site in November 2014.

The decline of British imperialism and rise of the colonial revolution.
Sixty years ago Egyptian president Colonel Nasser's proclamation of the nationalisation of the Suez Canal was an electrifying rallying call for the country's working class and poor and throughout the Middle East. Britain's Tory government, along with...

When workers fought arms in hand to end Stalinist dictatorship. 
On October 23rd, 1956, a mass demonstration in Budapest opened up twelve days of unprecedented revolutionary struggle. To mark the 60th anniversary of these dramatic events, the CWI is re-publishing, in the form of a small pamphlet, two articles written...

50 years ago the ’Cultural Revolution’ began in China.

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