The package does little or nothing to reduce the unsustainable debt mountain or stimulate economic growth

In the hearts and minds of workers particularly black workers, the poor, and youth across the world, Malcolm X remains an icon of revolutionary spirit and commitment to justice, freedom, and liberty for the most oppressed people in the world.

"Consider the big picture: an east Asia of toppling currencies and bank insolvency: rising unemployment in Latin America’s largest economy (Brazil) and falling real wages throughout the region: stagnation and unemployment in Europe: a rapidly approaching limit to the capacity of US consumers to take on more...

FINANCE MINISTERS from the seven largest economies in the world met recently to debate how to revive the sick world economy. However, there was little agreement on how to revive the patient.

A socialist activist in several countries, revolutionary journalist par excellence, novelist, and poet – Victor Serge was a man of huge talents. During his extraordinary life (1890-1947), Serge graduated from youthful anarchism to Bolshevism. He took part in revolutions and spent a decade in captivity. He worked...

“Capitalism and poverty reduction has just had its best few decades in the whole of history…” and yet “…Anti-capitalist demonstrations on May 1st in cities around the world attracted sizeable crowds”.

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