THE OVERTHROW of the Somoza dictatorship in 1979 has undoubtedly helped to fan a new wave of revolutionary struggle throughout Central America. The Sandinista victory rekindled the idea of insurrectionary struggle among the young fighters battling against the dictatorships and repressive regimes of Latin America. The...

JULY 1979 saw the overthrow of the hated Somoza dictatorship after 40 years of ruthless repression. It helped to fan anew the flames of the revolutionary struggles which were sweeping through Central and Latin America. Nicaragua’s revolution helped enthuse the youth throughout South America, sections of which have...

It’s not surprising that Michael Moore’s documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 is storming the US. The film’s release coincides with Americans’ growing anger at George Bush and his right-wing regime.

In the early seventies a group of working class activists forced their way among the floats of a students charity parade with a float proclaiming opposition to the proposals from the then education minister, Margaret Thatcher, to stop free school milk.

IN ONE of the most controversial and the highest-grossing Spanish films ever, ’The Basque Ball’, director Julio Medem examines the Basque question through hundreds of interviews.

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