The horrible tragedy of the events in Fukushima should serve as a warning to the dangers of nuclear power, particularly in areas prone to natural disasters. This is further aggravated when big business and private industry have a role to play in nuclear energy production and the interests of profit are more important than the impact on the lives of ordinary people and the environment.

The catastrophe in Fukushima raises real questions about the future of nuclear power and our need to move away from both nuclear power and fossils fuels towards safe, sustainable and renewable forms of energy but there are also important questions to be asked about how can we make that switch considering that nuclear power is already a significant feature in many countries and that nuclear power plants cannot just be decommissioned overnight.

Big business cannot be trusted to put safety ahead of profit when it comes to nuclear power and the first step must be to take nuclear power and energy production out of the hands of private ownership and placed under democratic control where ordinary people and the workers in the industry have full control over safety in existing nuclear plants and can look at the safest and most efficient methods of moving away from nuclear power.

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