CWI joins protests around the world against Trump



Photo gallery selection of CWI actions during weekend of mass protests

Donald Trump’s inauguration saw millions take to the streets of cities across the US and worldwide, on Friday 20 January, and especially on Saturday 21st. Among the biggest mass marches in US history, the dozens of international 'Women's marches' against Trump on 21 January may have been the biggest single coordinated world day of protest since the movement against the Iraq war in 2003.

In the US, Socialist Alternative brought thousands out onto the streets in protests on Friday in cities across the country, before particpating in the mass Women's Marches on Saturday.  More reports and analysis from the US will follow.

Internationally, as we reported previously, the CWI – in collaboration with Izquierda Revolucionaria and the Sindicato de Estudiantes in Spain and Mexico - organised actions in solidarity with the protests against Trump in over 25 countries, and participated in Saturday’s mass demonstrations. Below we publish a small selection of photos giving a glimpse of the CWI’s activities and interventions.

For more photos of protests around the US and the world, see this New York times photo gallery.

Austria (Vienna)

Belgium (Brussels)

Brazil (Sao Paolo) 



Czech Republic (Prague)

England & Wales (Coventry & Leeds) 


Greece (Atherns &Volos) 

India (Chennai & Bangalore)

Ireland (Dublin)

Israel/Palestine (Tel Aviv)


Italy (Genoa)

Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

Mexico city 

Portugal (Lisbon)

Scotland (Dundee)

South Africa

Spain (Madrid & Barcelona)

Sri Lanka (Colombo)

Sweden (Stockholm)


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