Alternative SocialisteCWI in Quebec: Alternative Socialiste

Quebec: Counter protest against far-right

13/03/2017, Rise of Islamophobia and right-wing reaction poses new challenges to the left
Michele Hehn, Alternative Socialiste (CWI in Quebec)

Quebec: Terrorist Attack in Québec City

01/02/2017, Counter terrorism and hate with solidarity
Socialist Alternative (CWI in Canada)

Quebec: Montreal Old Port strikers reject wage offer

07/09/2016, Solidarity needed for struggle for a $15 minimum wage
Interview with a striker

Quebec: Montreal workers strike for $15 an hour

22/08/2016, "Company totally underestimated workers’ determination"
Interview with Jacques Fontaine, a striking worker at the Old Port of Montreal

Quebec: World Social Forum 2016

13/08/2016, Tens of thousands of activists from around the world gather WSF in Montreal, 9-14 August

Quebec: The fight for $15 shows true colors of Parti Québecois

10/05/2016, No to an all-class pro-independence alliance
Bruno, Alternative Socialiste (CWI in Quebec)

Quebec: Biggest general strike in the province’s history

11/12/2015, Massive workers’ showdown takes government by surprise

Quebec: Public sector strike

08/12/2015, The struggle must go on!
Bruno and Remi, Hospital workers and members of Socialist Alternative (CWI in Quebec)

Quebec: Fight for 15 campaign comes to Quebec

23/10/2015, Struggle for a decent minimum wage reaches over border from US
M. H., Alternative Socialiste (CWI in Quebec)

Quebec: Government attacks spark workers’ protests

09/10/2015, Step up industrial action to defeat government plans
Alternative Socialiste (CWI in Quebec) Reporters

Québec: A hot spring in the making?

14/04/2015, Students take strike action against austerity
Deirdre Grégoire, Alternative Socialiste (CWI in Quebec)

Quebec: Towards a hot spring

02/03/2015, Disrupt them like they disrupt us!
Deirdre and Bruno, Socialist Alternative (CWI Quebec)

Québec: Election victory for the Liberal Party

06/05/2014, Unions prepare for struggle
Deirdre and Bruno, Socialist Alternative (CWI Quebec)

Quebec: General elections kick Liberals out

10/09/2012, Quebec Solidaire’s breakthrough shows potential for the left
Joshua Koritz (Socialist Alternative, CWI in the US) and Bruno-Pierre Guillette (Alternative Socialiste - CWI Quebec)

Quebec: Rise in tuition fees

30/08/2012, Interview with a student activist on the perspectives for the movement
Alternative Socialiste (CWI in Quebec)

Quebec: Student strike movement reaches turning point

21/07/2012, “Most powerful challenge to neo-liberalism” in North America
Brandon Madsen, Socialist Alternative (CWI supporters in the US)

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