Romania: Biggest street protests since 1989

04/02/2017, What position should the left take?
Mâna de Lucru (CWI supporters in Romania)

Romania: New government, old policies

20/12/2016, The need for a socialist alternative
Vladimir Bortun, Mana de Lucru (CWI supporters in Romania)

Romania: Nightclub fire leaves 45 dead

17/11/2015, Protests over worst tragedy in 25 years triggers government’s fall
Vladimir Bortun, Socialist Party (CWI England & Wales)

Romania: 25 years after the fall of Stalinism and the advent of neoliberal capitalism

04/02/2015, Need for new workers’ anti-capitalist party today
Vladimir Bortun, Socialist Party (CWI in England & Wales)

Romania: Biggest protests in 20 years

21/11/2013, How the complicity between state authorities and corporate interests led to the outbreak of a Romanian Autumn
Vladimir Bortun, Socialist Party (CWI in England & Wales)

Romania: Crushing victory for the USL in the December 2012 parliamentary elections

02/04/2013, Austerity rejected, but a new pro-capitalist government formed
Victor Cosmin, Romania

Romania: Protest movement topples government

16/02/2012, Socialist analysis of the winter protests
Victor Cosmin, Romania

Romania: Băsescu’s oppressive regime declares war on the working class

18/12/2010, Strikes and protests occur in the context of huge economic turmoil
Victor Cosmin, Romania

Romania: Mass protests against EU / IMF deal

21/05/2010, "Those in power starve our children" - trade unions threaten a general strike on 31 May.
Per Olsson, Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna (CWI Sweden)

Romania: Workers victory at Dacia

21/04/2008, Strikers win biggest wage increase in 15 years!
Tinnete Schnatterer, SAV (CWI Germany)

Romania: Strike at Dacia Renault factory

29/03/2008, Thousands of workers demand 60% wage increase
Tinette Schnatterer, SAV (CWI Germany)

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