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Austria: Victory & defeat for everyone & noone

23/12/2016, Presidential elections
Tilman M. Ruster, SLP (CWI in Austria)

Austria: Presidential elections re-run

08/07/2016, Court order to re-run elections sends shockwaves through establishment
By Sebastian Kugler, SLP (CWI in Austria)

Austria: Only 31,026 votes prevent far right’s Hofer becoming president

24/05/2016, ‘Breathing space’ offers chance to build a fighting, democratic left alternative
Sonja Grusch, SLP (the Austrian section of the CWI)

Austria: Stop the rise of the far right!

27/04/2016, Against Hofer, the government and the system of the super-rich!
Tilman Ruster, SLP (CWI in Austria)

Austria: Did ’Red Vienna’ really stay red?

17/10/2015, What the Vienna elections show
Sonja Grusch, Socialist Left Party (CWI in Austria), Vienna

Austria: Refugee crisis, solidarity and resistance

29/09/2015, Working class solidarity – a beacon of hope
Sebastian Kugler, SLP (CWI in Austria)

Austria: Social? Democratic? Party!

04/07/2015, The Fragmentation of the Social Democracy in Austria
Sonja Grusch, Socialist Left Party (CWI in Austria)

Austria: The year starts with antifascism

05/03/2015, Right-wing Ball events, PEGIDA, and neo-nazi Violence: A Month of Intense and Successful anti-fascism in Austria
Stefan Gredler, SLP (CWI in Austria)

Austria: Elections see further decline in support for main parties

14/10/2013, New neo-liberal parties enter fray but workers need a strong socialist alternative
Sonja Grusch, Socialist Left Party (CWI Austria)

Austria: Asylum seekers fight for their rights

23/02/2013, 2,500 people demonstrate
Laura Rafetseder, Socialist Left Party (SLP, CWI Austria)

Kazakstan: Protest at Austria and Kazakhstan football match

18/10/2012, Campaign Kazakhstan banner denounces attacks against oil workers

Austria: Government ministers awarded for ’shameless hypocrisy on women’s rights’

10/03/2012, On International Women’s Day, CWI activists protest against austerity package hitting women
Laura Rafetseder, Socialist Left Party (CWI in Austria)

Austria: Metal Workers’ wage agreement

24/10/2011, Strike action wins concessions - but 4.2% is not enough!
Laura Rafetseder (SLP, CWI Austria)

Austria: Metal Workers strike for wage increase of 5.5%

15/10/2011, Austrian working class gives impressive sign of life
Laura Rafetseder, Sozialistische LinksPartei (CWI Austria)

Austria: Far right in process of unification

02/02/2010, Protests in Carinthia against ruling ex-Haider party
Margarita Döller, SLP (CWI in Austria), Wien

Austria: University and school students, kindergarden workers and metal workers protest in joint day of action

06/11/2009, 15th day of university occupations – at least 20,000 on the streets
Laura Rafetseder, SLP (CWI in Austria)

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