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Italy: Stop-gap government appointed

14/12/2016, No party in Italy has solution for long-term problems of workers and youth
Chris Thomas, ControCorrente (CWI in Italy)

Italy: Big defeat for Renzi in referendum vote

06/12/2016, Resignation opens opportunity for workers and youth to fight for a better future
Editorial from ‘Resistenze’, monthly paper of ControCorrente (CWI in Italy)

Italy: Prime Minister Renzi’s party routed

22/06/2016, Five Star mayors elected in Rome and Turin
Chris Thomas, ControCorrente (CWI Italy)

Italy: Roman politics riddled with scandal

19/02/2016, Five Star Movement can gain
Giuliano Brunetti, ControCorrente (CWI in Italy)

Italy: Genoa students take to the streets

18/11/2015, CWI youth campaign "Resistenze Internazionali" takes the lead!
Controcorrente, CWI in Italy

Italy: Regional elections

13/06/2015, Myth of Prime Minister’s invincibility exposed
Marco Veruggio, Controcorrente (CWI in Italy)

Italy: Migrant disasters - the human cost of budget cuts

27/04/2015, From Mare Nostrum to Triton
From web-site of ControCorrente (CWI in Italy)

Italy: The instability of domestic capitalism

24/03/2015, Political vacuum pushes FIOM to take initiative
Marco Veruggio, ControCorrente (CWI Italy)

Italy: Mass support for general strike expresses anger at PD government

15/12/2014, New political voice vitally needed
Chris Thomas, ControCorrente (CWI Italy)

Italy: Renzi government faces mounting opposition

01/11/2014, A one-day strike of all workers is needed
Giuliano Brunetti, ControCorrente (CWI Italy)

Italy: Contradictions of Euro-election results

02/06/2014, Renzi seen as last chance for way out of impasse
Chris Thomas, ControCorrente (CWI Italy)

Italy: New Prime Minister Renzi

24/03/2014, His decline has already begun
Marco Veruggio, ControCorrente (CWI, Italy).

Italy: Police ’medieval’ punishment against protesters

10/03/2014, Activists banished from Bologna on trumped up charges
ControCorrente, Italy

Italy: stagnation and instability

05/02/2014, Article first published in Socialism Today
Christine Thomas, ControCorrente (CWI in Italy)

Italy: The five day strike which paralysed Genoa

13/12/2013, Privatisation of local transport delayed
Interview by Offensiv (CWI, Sweden)

Italy: Two days of protest

22/10/2013, ‘Unions of the Base’ and social movements on the streets
Giuliano Brunetti, Controcorrente (CWI in Italy)

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