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Ireland North: Snap elections called to Stormont Assembly

17/01/2017, Build a socialist alternative to the ‘Orange’ versus ‘Green’ headcount
Daniel Waldron, Socialist Party (CWI Ireland), Belfast

Ireland North: 'Cash for ash' scandal rocks power-sharing Executive

06/01/2017, Need for non-sectarian, socialist politics
Dave Carr from The Socialist (weekly paper of the Socialist Party England & Wales)

Northern Ireland: Biggest union votes to support exit from the EU

06/06/2016, Union and Labour leaders should join NIPSA and other combative unions in opposing bosses’ club
Kevin Henry, Socialist Party (CWI in Ireland)

Northern Ireland: Main parties win Assembly elections…

11/05/2016, But positive moves against sectarian politics
Daniel Waldron, Socialist Party (CWI Ireland), Belfast

Ireland North: Hundreds protest against manufacturing destruction

12/02/2016, Union movement should step up call for nationalisation of threatened factories
Daniel Waldron, Socialist Party (CWI Ireland), Belfast

Ireland North:Court rules abortion laws contravene human rights

21/12/2015, Movement needed for women’s rights
Socialist Party (CWI Ireland) Reporters, Belfast

Northern Ireland: New agreement bad news for working class

02/12/2015, Ruth Coppinger speaks in Irish parliament against austerity agreement

Ireland North: 1,000 manufacturing jobs lost in one week

24/11/2015, Austerity and corporate welfare has failed! Fight for public investment!
Owen McCracken, Socialist Party (CWI Ireland), Belfast

Ireland North: Huge support for socialist in union election

11/11/2015, Socialist Party’s Patrick Mulholland gains 44% - Broad Left emerges stronger throughout NIPSA
Kevin Henry, Socialist Party (CWI Ireland), Belfast

Ireland North: Socialist runs for leader of biggest union

05/10/2015, Jobs threatened, pay cuts, increased workloads…public sector workers need fighting, democratic union
Interview with Patrick Mulholland, Broad Left candidate for NIPSA General Secretary

Northern Ireland: Left Challenge for Largest Union’s Leadership

15/08/2015, CWI member, Patrick Mulholland, leads Left campaign for leadership of NIPSA union
Socialist Party (CWI in Ireland) reporters

Video: Reject sectarianism in Northern Ireland

17/07/2015, Paul Murphy addresses Irish parliament

Ireland North: 20,000 protesters demand LGBT rights

21/06/2015, To end oppression we need to fight to end this system, uniting working people, fighting for equality
Kevin Henry, Socialist Party (CWI Ireland), Belfast

Ireland North: Socialist Party replies to leading Sinn Fein councillor’s attacks

06/05/2015, How to fight cuts, sectarianism and to build workers’ unity
Socialist Party (CWI Ireland) Statement

Ireland North: Health Minister forced to resign after making homophobic remarks

27/04/2015, LGBT and women’s rights campaigners boosted
Daniel Waldron, Socialist Party (CWI Ireland)

Ireland North: Hundreds protest against racist arson attack

15/04/2015, Build a united mass movement to challenge racism, sectarianism and all forms of bigotry
Daniel Waldron, Socialist Party (CWI), Belfast

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