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US: Socialist response to Trump’s address to joint session of congress

02/03/2017, Kshama Sawant, Socialist Alternative councillor, speaks

US: A socialist strategy to defeat Trump

14/02/2017, Escalate the resistance toward shutdowns on March 8 and May 1!
Kshama Sawant, Seattle City Council Woman and member of Socialist Alternative

US: Airport protests help block Trump travel ban

30/01/2017, Defend immigrant communities
Socialist Alternative reporters, US

US: Build 100 days of resistance to Trump’s agenda!

27/01/2017, Establishment deeply divided as mass resistance explodes
Bryan Koulouris, Socialist Alternative, US

Millions on women's marches around the world

25/01/2017, Reports from mass women's marches against Trump
Editorial from the Socialist, paper of the Socialist Party (CWI in England & Wales) and reports from US marches

US: CWI joins protests around the world against Trump

23/01/2017, Photo gallery selection of CWI actions during weekend of mass protests

US: Kshama Sawant responds to Trump inauguration speech

23/01/2017, Socialist council member speaks

US: Global resistance against Trump’s inauguration

20/01/2017, CWI organizes protests as millions prepare to fight Trump’s agenda

US: Seattle activists win $29 million for house building

13/01/2017, Important precedent for using city bonding authority to build homes
Adam Ziemkowski, Socialist Alternative

US: Growing calls to “take back” Democratic Party

10/01/2017, Workers need for own party, independent of corporate cash
Calvin Priest, Socialist Alternative

US: Trump prepares vicious attacks

05/01/2017, Mass resistance needed!
Philip Locker and Tom Crean, Socialist Alternative (US)

US: Inaugurate the resistance

23/12/2016, Inauguration protests can serve as a launching pad for a massive grassroots resistance to Donald Trump’s new administration
Patrick Ayers, Socialist Alternative, US

Solidarity: Global days of protest to #ResistTrump

19/12/2016, Protest around the world on Trump’s inauguration, January 20 and 21
Appeal for international solidarity and protest action

US: Victory at Standing Rock

07/12/2016, Authorities agree to re-route oil pipeline

Tony Wilsdon, Socialist Alternative (US)

US: Trump prepares attacks on working people,immigrants and women

27/11/2016, We must prepare massive resistance!
Tom Crean and Philip Locker, Socialist Alternative (USA)

US: Anti-Trump protests

12/11/2016, In less than 24 hours, 40,000 people answered our call
Brian Watson, Socialist Alternative, US

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