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India: Upheaval in Tamil Nadu

09/02/2017, Corruption, nepotism, and other crimes of ruling party exposed

Sajith Attepuram, New Socialist Alternative (NSA) (CWI India)

Tamil Nadu: Mass protests against state repression

26/01/2017, Support the right to assemble and protest - release those arrested immediately!
Isai Priya, from Tamil Solidarity website

India: Struggle against land grab in Pune

16/01/2017, Socialists and villagers wage tireless battle
Venkatesh Harale, New Socialist Alternative (CWI in India)

India: ‘Demonetisation’ shock

19/11/2016, Modi unleashes war on poor
Isai Priya, Tamil Solidarity

India: Uprisings of the oppressed

12/10/2016, New period opens
New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India)

India: Mass general strike across the country

02/09/2016, Fight must go on for minimum wage and against labour law ‘reform’
New Socialist Alternative (CWI in India)

India: Workers oppose Modi proposals

21/04/2016, Eye-witness account of successful protest
New Socialist Alternative (CWI India)

India: A Marxist view of Modi’s Hindutva

17/02/2016, Analysis of the present situation in India from an internationalist perspective
Peter Taaffe speaks to Jagadish Chandra, New Socialist Alternative (CWI in India)

India: Rising class struggle reflects seething anger of working class

08/02/2016, Is ‘Modimania’ on the wane?
Anand Kumar, from Dudiyora Horaata (Workers’ Struggle – newspaper of the CWI in India), Bangalore

India: Justice for Rohit Vemula

31/01/2016, Solidarity message from the Committee for a Workers’ International

India: 150 million workers strike

07/09/2015, Modi government faces growing opposition
Jagadish G Chandra, New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India)

India: Massive defeat for ruling BJP in Delhi election

12/02/2015, Result reflects growing mass discontent
Youvraj B, Pune, New Socialist Alternative (CWI India)

Indian Election:Modi’s victory

23/05/2014, Celebrations by big business a warning to working class

India: Massive election process could end in turmoil

14/04/2014, New party expresses, but cannot solve, major discontents
Clare Doyle (CWI international Secretariat)

India’s environmental crisis

28/02/2014, Extreme weather events causing massive devastation
Pete Dickenson, Socialist Party (CWI England & Wales)

India: Solidarity with the fighting workers of Pradeep Laminators in Pune

10/02/2014, Workers continue their struggle against brutal management
Venkatesh, New Socialist Alternative (CWI in India), Pune

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