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France: After Sarkozy, Juppé and Valls, now Fillon is on the way out

06/02/2017, Space opening up to left of Socialist Party
Alex Rouillard, Gauche Révolutionnaire (CWI in France)

France: Burkini ban fuels Islamophobia

30/08/2016, For workers’ unity and struggle against racism, division and austerity
Judy Beishon, from The Socialist (weekly paper of the Socialist Party, CWI England & Wales)

France: In the face of terror in Nice we will not be intimidated !

16/07/2016, No to hatred, suspicion and racism : don’t let us be divided !
Statement by Gauche Revolutionnaire (CWI in France), 15.07.16

France : Massive protest demonstration in Paris

15/06/2016, Workers march as Senate debates hated labour law reform
Naomi Byron in France for The Socialist, paper of the Socialist Party (CWI in England and Wales)

France: Fight against Valls/Hollande government intensifies

31/05/2016, Gauche Revolutionnaire statement underlines vital need for political alternative
Clare Doyle, CWI

France: New stage in battle over labour law

12/05/2016, Hollande’s decision to over-rule parliament provokes another round of struggle
Clare Doyle, CWI

France: Striking workers join students and youth in mass demonstrations

04/05/2016, Build a general strike movement!
Naomi Byron, Paris (first published in The Socialist)

France: One-day strike set for 28 April

26/04/2016, A final stage before indefinite action against Hollande’s government?
Alex Rouillard, Gauche Revolutionnaire (CWI in France)

France: Workers and youth on the streets

12/04/2016, Full-scale struggle with ‘Socialist’ government erupting
Clare Doyle, CWI

France : Up to half a million on streets to stop new labour law

18/03/2016, Will there be a general strike against the Valls-Hollande government ?
Leila Messaoudi, Gauche Revolutionnaire (CWI in France)

Environment: "Save our planet from capitalism!"

10/12/2015, COP21 UN climate change conference in Paris underscores failure of capitalism to solve environmental crisis

France: Le Pen’s party takes the lead in regional elections

07/12/2015, Governing ‘Socialist’ Party punished
Clare Doyle, CWI

France: Paris terror attacks

18/11/2015, Only workers’ unity can end terrorism, division and war
Jenny Brooks, Socialist Party (CWI in England & Wales)

France: Horror in Paris

14/11/2015, We will not be intimidated !
Statement from Gauche Révolutionnaire (CWI in France)

France/Britain: Human tragedy of Calais crisis

07/08/2015, Tories have no solutions
Sarah Sachs-Eldridge, from The Socialist (weekly paper of the Socialist Party, CWI England & Wales)

France: First one-day strike against austerity gets big response

13/04/2015, 300, 000 people marched on demonstrations across France on Thursday 9 April
Report from website of Gauche Revolutionnaire (CWI in France)

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