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Spain: Student strike empties classes and fills streets on 9 March

21/03/2017, Over 100,000 take to the streets in SE demonstrations
Sindicato de Estudiantes (SE), Spanish Students' Union

Catalonia: Historic demonstration in Barcelona in support of refugees

25/02/2017, 'Volem acollir'
Esquerra Revolucionària

Spain: Pablo Iglesias wins clear victory in Podemos congress

15/02/2017, Time to build the class struggle on the streets
Izquierda Revolucionaria, Spain

CWI and Izquierda Revolucionaria – Towards unification

06/02/2017, Joint declaration of the CWI’s IEC and Izquierda Revolucionaria’s IEC

Spain: What kind of Podemos do workers and youth need?

17/01/2017, Debate within leadership touches on fundamental issues for future of party
Izquierda Revolucionaria, Spanish state, editorial

Spain: Students' union beats PP government

06/12/2016, Government rocked back by historic mobilisations
Statement by Sindicato de Estudiantes (Students Union), Spain

Spain: Militant struggle by Students Union succeeds

02/12/2016, Mass student strikes force PP government to retreat

Spain: Students' Union surges forward in historic congress

22/11/2016, Hundreds rally to celebrate 30th anniversary of SE and 40th anniversary of Izquierda Revolucionaria / El Militante
Danny Byrne, CWI

Spain: Student strike gives first mass response on the streets to new PP government

11/11/2016, Interview with Ana Garcia, General Secretary of the Sindicato de Estudiantes (Spanish Students’ Union)

Spain: PSOE leadership hands power to the PP

03/11/2016, A new phase in the class struggle
Izquierda Revolucionaria editorial

Spain: Historic student general strike

26/10/2016, More than 200,000 students fill the streets against Francoist "revalidations"
Sindicato de Estudiantes (Students Union) reporters

Spain: Mass support grows as general student strike approaches

25/10/2016, Tens of thousands vote to strike in Student Union pre-strike assemblies

Spain: Crisis in social democracy

17/10/2016, PSOE and the class struggle
Juan Ignacio Ramos, Izquierda Revolucionaria general secretary, from Socialism Today (monthly magazine of the Socialist Party England and Wales)

Spain: Disappointment for Left in re-run elections

12/07/2016, Mass mobilisation and struggle necessary for real change
Viki Lara, Socialismo Revolucionario (CWI in Spain)

History: 1936 - Spain’s revolutionary promise

06/07/2016, Working class and peasants rose up against capitalist exploitation, poverty and fascism
Tony Saunois, from Socialism Today (July/August 2016)

EU: Left parties turning against bosses’ Europe

10/06/2016, Progress in Portugal and Spain, confusion in Britain
Danny Byrne, CWI

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