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Scotland: Second referendum on independence?

18/03/2017, SNP fire the starting gun but offer no solutions to austerity
Philip Stott, Socialist Party Scotland (CWI)

Scotland: Greens back SNP government austerity budget

13/02/2017, TUSC council elections candidates put forward 100% anti-austerity programme
Matt Dobson, Socialist Paty Scotland (CWI), Glasgow

Scotland: Will the Corbyn uprising save Scottish Labour?

27/08/2016, Lessons of indyref and need for active anti-cuts policies
Philip Stott, Socialist Party Scotland (CWI)

Scotland: After Brexit, SNP government threaten second Indy referendum

27/06/2016, Leave vote higher than average in many working class areas
Philip Stott, Socialist Party Scotland (CWI)

Scotland: SNP win elections

09/05/2016, New openings for a socialist left alternative emerge
Philip Stott, Socialist Party Scotland (CWI)

Scotland: Politicians have a choice

11/01/2016, Implement Tory austerity or set no-cuts budgets
By Brian Smith and Jim McFarlane, Glasgow City Unison and Dundee City Unison branch secretaries (in a personal capacity) and Socialist Party Scotland

Scotland: Post-referendum, where is Scotland heading?

29/11/2015, Mass struggle and socialism will challenge capitalist austerity
Socialist Party Scotland (CWI)

Scotland: Glasgow’s trade unions demand a ‘No Cuts’ budget

08/10/2015, Plenty of money in economy –just in wrong hands or lying in big business bank accounts
Glasgow union’s statement republished on Socialist Party Scotland (CWI) website

Scotland: One year after the electoral uprising against austerity

19/09/2015, One year ago, the Scottish independence referendum delivered an electoral uprising against austerity and the political establishment
Philip Stott, Socialist Party Scotland (CWI Scotland)

Scotland: RISE - launch of a politically unclear left alliance

02/09/2015, Clear 100% anti-austerity and socialist platform essential steps towards new mass workers’ party
Philip Stott, Socialist Party Scotland (CWI), Dundee

Scotland and the Jeremy Corbyn campaign

20/08/2015, The response to Corbyn’s campaign has parallels with the outpouring of class anger that was seen during the independence referendum
Editorial taken from the current issue of the Socialist - the paper of Socialist Party Scotland (CWI)

Scotland: Dundee porters’ victory proves strike action can deliver

06/07/2015, After 13 weeks of all-out strike action the 117 Dundee hospital porters have won an inspiring victory
By Philip Stott

Scotland: 1,000s rally against austerity

24/06/2015, Ferry workers’ strike over jobs, pay, pensions and privatisation
Matt Dobson and Philip Stott, Socialist Party Scotland (CWI)

Scotland: Labour annihilated

11/05/2015, SNP sweeps to victory by posing as an anti-austerity alternative

Scotland: Labour face annihilation as millions seek an answer to austerity

23/04/2015, The SNP, according to the polls, will win 53 of Scotland’s 59 Westminster MPs
Philip Stott, Socialist Party Scotland (CWI in Scotland)

Scotland: Dundee porters and Glasgow council workers on indefinite strike

08/04/2015, Build solidarity now!
Socialist Party Scotland (CWI) Reporters

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