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China: CWI member Hu Xufang forced to flee

28/01/2017, Xu and his family are victims of China’s deepening police crackdown reporters

China: New US President’s approach to China

21/01/2017, Outbursts raise fears of confrontation
Vincent Kolo,

China: New stage in power struggle

24/11/2016, Xi Jinping becomes “core leader” reporters

China: Fierce clashes at “Democracy village”

14/09/2016, Protesters defy crackdown reporters

Environment: Green China to save the world?

29/08/2016, Article published in latest edition of Socialism Today
Pete Dickinson, Socialist Party (CWI in England & Wales)

China: Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) verdict on South China Sea a major diplomatic blow to China

15/07/2016, Only winner from tribunal’s ruling is arms industry

China’s economy: ‘Dead panda bounce’

10/07/2016, Has China’s economy turned a corner?
Analysis by

Asia: Conflict in the South China Sea

16/06/2016, Territorial disputes resemble pieces on a ‘geopolitical chessboard’ as the US and China struggle for hegemony in Asia
This is an abridged version of an article by Vincent Kolo, originally published on

History: China’s ’Cultural Revolution’ 1966-67

10/06/2016, 50 years ago the ’Cultural Revolution’ began in China.
Edited version of article written by Socialist Party general secretary Peter Taaffe for Militant (predecessor of the Socialist) in February 1967.

China: 1989 mass movement and June 4 massacre

08/06/2016, Video by CWI comrades in China and Hong Kong
Socialist Action (CWI) reporters in Hong Kong

China: Panama Papers name eight Chinese leaders

06/04/2016, Massive clampdown by state censors
Vincent Kolo,

China : Twin meetings, mass layoffs and failed reforms

24/03/2016, Discussion on what is happening in China

China: Miners’ strike while People’s Congress discusses mass redundancies

16/03/2016, Thousands march in Heilongjiang province opposing job cuts.

China: Crisis set to deepen

27/02/2016, Year of the Monkey opens with economy in worst situation for decades
Editorial from《社会主义者》Socialist magazine issue 36 (February-March 2016)

China: Kidnapping and TV show-trials

21/01/2016, “China is entering a dark night of repression and detentions under Xi Jinping”

China: Financial turmoil spreads fear across global markets

14/01/2016, Setting the tone for 2016?
Per-Åke Westerlund, with additional reporting by Vincent Kolo

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