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cwiCuba: Socialism and Democracy

by Peter Taaffe


I wish to thank the following individuals for their efforts in helping to ensure this book was published: Kevin Parslow and Manny Thain in typing the manuscript. Kevin Parslow deserves a special mention for his unflagging efforts in assembling important documents and his famous attention to detail. Lynn Walsh, as always, provided invaluable suggestions and criticisms as did Tony Saunois, Hannah Sell, Clare Doyle, Bob Labi, Per Olsson, Simon Kaplan, Ken Smith and Steve Jolly. Annoesjka Valent also brought to my attention some important source material. Lastly, I would like to thank Dennis Rudd for his layout skills and Mick Cotter for arranging the printing of this book.

About the Author:

Peter Taaffe is the General Secretary of the Socialist Party, the section of the Committee for a Workers’ International in England and Wales, and a member of the CWI’s International Secretariat. From 1964 he was Editor of Militant, the Marxists inside the Labour Party. Increasing support for Marxist ideas in the Labour Party led to its National Executive Committee expelling him in 1983, along with the four other members of the Militant Editorial Board.

Following the magnificent struggle of the Liverpool labour movement in the mid-1980s and the expulsion of the leading supporters of Militant on Merseyside, and the mighty anti-poll tax struggle led by Militant, opposed viciously by the Labour leaders, the majority of Militant supporters formed Scottish Militant Labour in 1992 and Militant Labour in England and Wales a year later. Peter has been General Secretary of firstly Militant Labour from 1993, and following its change of name in 1997, of the Socialist Party.

Peter has been the author of three books: Liverpool: the City That Dared to Fight (with Tony Mulhearn), published in 1988, The Masses Arise, in 1989, about the French Revolution, both published by Fortress Books, and The Rise of Militant, in 1995, by Militant Publications. He has also written innumerable pamphlets and articles, particularly for The Socialist and Socialism Today and their predecessors Militant and Militant International Review.