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September 2002




Capitalist crisis and workers revolt

'World relations - including the balance of class forces internationally - have been profoundly affected by 11 September and its aftermath. This event underlined in a stark fashion the crushing dominance, economically and militarily, of US imperialism. However, the limits of this power will be demonstrated in the coming period by the growing revolt of the working class and oppressed throughout the world...'

cwiThis important new CWI publication on world perspectives and world relations has been produced for the CWI world congress, which takes place in Europe in November 2002. The CWI is present in over 35 countries, and the pre-world congress discussion and actual congress offers a unique opportunity for CWI members and supporters to discuss and debate our ideas and policies.

This substantial pamphlet provides a Marxist analysis on many issues, including the world after September 11, the Middle East, the Indo-Pakistan conflict, Japan, China and East Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Africa, Latin America, Russia and the former Soviet Union, and Eastern Europe.

Other important international topics, such as, the domestic situation in the US, globalisation and the world economy, and Europe will also be discussed by the congress and will also be dealt with in other publications we plan to post on the CWI website over the coming months.