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H&M workers score victory against management plans

28/03/2017: Despite very difficult times, struggle can bring results


#JobstownNotGuilty international day of action a huge success

28/03/2017: Over 30 protests around the world and 88 MPs/MEPs pledge support


A week-end of mass protests

27/03/2017: New spring of protest opens up, as 1,000s arrested


Hong Kong
Creeping “coup” by Chinese dictatorship

27/03/2017: Defend the four Hong Kong legislators

  Hong Kong

Terror attack at Westminster

24/03/2017: Unite against terror, racism and war


Democratic Party splits and 5-Star Movement in crisis

22/03/2017: Class struggle can build real left force


Student strike empties classes and fills streets on 9 March

21/03/2017: Over 100,000 take to the streets in SE demonstrations


Second referendum on independence?

18/03/2017: SNP fire the starting gun but offer no solutions to austerity


National day of strikes and protests shows Temer can be beaten

17/03/2017: For a one-day general strike as the next step


South Africa
Unity against poverty, crime and xenophobia

17/03/2017: Capitalist politicians use xenophobia to divert attention from failures of profit system

  South Africa

Election result a colossal defeat for austerity government

16/03/2017: Oppose Wilders and the ‘mainstream’ right – Build a mass workers’ party that struggles for socialism


Workers and their families left to starve by multi-billionaire companies

16/03/2017: International campaign needed to force companies to pay


Hong Kong
Protest against LSG Sky Chefs dismissal of union chairman

14/03/2017: Ng Chi-Fai sacked for organising union by multinational’s Hong Kong division – international solidarity needed

  Hong Kong

Ireland North
Snap election raises sectarian temperature    

14/03/2017: Workers need strong socialist alternative at ballot box and in unions

  Ireland North

Counter protest against far-right

13/03/2017: Rise of Islamophobia and right-wing reaction poses new challenges to the left


 International Women's Day
Speech by Kshama Sawant

12/03/2017: Video of 8 March rally in Seattle


 International Women’s Day
Millions join marches and take action

10/03/2017: Socialists around the world demand an end to women’s oppression


 Hong Kong
Women’s march against sexism and racism

09/03/2017: International Women’s Day: “Solidarity with global mass protests and women’s strikes”


Hundreds of thousands participate in International Women’s day student strike

08/03/2017: ‘Libres y Combativas’ and Sindicato de Estudiantes call strike against sexist violence and for working class women's rights


Political spectacle of the ruling class

08/03/2017: Most workers underemployed, 40% in poverty - situation demands new workers’ party


 International Women’s Day 2017
A century on from the Russian Revolution

06/03/2017: Demonstrations world-wide swelled by anti-Trump anger


Massive demo shows battle to save the NHS can be won

06/03/2017: Up to 250,000 march in national protest, organised from below


Price hikes hit workers and middle classes

04/03/2017: Falling support for dictator Sisi portends growing opposition


Hong Kong’s sham election

03/03/2017: Pan-democrats sink to new low by supporting “lesser evil” John Tsang

  Hong Kong

Socialist response to Trump’s address to joint session of congress

02/03/2017: Kshama Sawant, Socialist Alternative councillor, speaks


“Who could believe it?"

24/02/2017: What is behind Trump's attack?


Dublin's #JobstownNotGuilty

23/02/2017: Defend the right to protest - stop this political vendetta!

  Ireland Republic

A web of intrigue sparks government crisis

22/02/2017: Smear campaign against a prominent police whistleblower

  Ireland Republic

February revolution 1917
What lessons for today?

21/02/2017: 23 February 1917 (8 March in today’s calendar) marked the beginning of the socialist revolution in Russia, which sparked a revolutionary wave that would travel around the world.

  Russian Revolution

International protests in support of TOTAL/G4S workers

20/02/2017: Solidarity spreads for victims of wage robbery and killing by multinational corporations

  Solidarity, Yemen

Hong Kong

Socialist ActionCWI in Hong Kong: Socialist Action
YRHK, P.O. Box No. 72622, Kowloon Central Post Office, Hong Kong. - 郵政信箱編號 72622 九龍中央郵政局 香港, email

Hong Kong: Creeping “coup” by Chinese dictatorship

27/03/2017, Defend the four Hong Kong legislators
Dikang, Socialist Action (CWI in Hong Kong)

Hong Kong: Protest against LSG Sky Chefs dismissal of union chairman

14/03/2017, Ng Chi-Fai sacked for organising union by multinational’s Hong Kong division – international solidarity needed
Sally Tang Mei-ching, Socialist Action (CWI in Hong Kong)

Hong Kong’s sham election

03/03/2017, Pan-democrats sink to new low by supporting “lesser evil” John Tsang
Dikang, Socialist Action

Hong Kong: CY Leung forced out!

04/01/2017, Now let’s change the whole corrupt system!
Socialist Action (CWI in Hong Kong) statement

Hong Kong: Break-in at Socialist Action office

09/12/2016, Political motive not ruled out
Socialist Action reporters

Hong Kong: Government purges Legislative Council

17/11/2016, “Nothing short of a coup”
Dikang, Socialist Action (CWI in Hong Kong)

Solidarity: Protest in support of Spanish student strike attacked

24/10/2016, Hong Kong protesters assaulted at support action for Wednesday’s national school strike

Hong Kong: When Edward Snowden went underground with refugees

12/09/2016, Socialist Action’s Vanessa gave shelter to on-the-run Snowden
Pasha, Socialist Action (CWI) in Hong Kong

Hong Kong: Elections redraw political map

10/09/2016, Legco elections see record turnout and big swing towards ‘radical’ newcomers
Dikang, Socialist Action (CWI) in Hong Kong

Hong Kong: Multinational MTR takes socialist Sally Tang Mei-ching to court

12/08/2016, Political motives behind ‘David versus Goliath’ trial
Socialist Action reporters (CWI in Hong Kong)

Hong Kong: New protests as kidnapped bookseller speaks out

22/06/2016, Gangster methods of China’s regime exposed
Dikang, Socialist Action (CWI in Hong Kong)

Hong Kong: Panama Papers: Hong Kong protest

12/04/2016, “Tax the rich” shout protesters at Mossack Fonseca’s Hong Kong office
Socialist Action (CWI in Hong Kong) reporters

Hong Kong: ‘Fishball Revolution’!

10/02/2016, Brutal policing must be condemned
Eyewitness report from Socialist Action (CWI in Hong Kong)

Hong Kong: Great result for socialist election campaign

25/11/2015, Socialist Action’s Sally Tang Mei-ching lifts opposition vote to 33 percent
Vincent Kolo,

Hong Kong: District Council elections

23/11/2015, Socialist Action candidate gets one third of the vote

CWI’s 2nd congress for China and Hong Kong a big success

21/10/2015, Discussions on perspectives for Hong Kong’s democracy struggle and the crisis in China

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Video: US Socialist Students build for student walkouts against Trump, 15/12/2016

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