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Book review
Iraq, IS and the failing war on terror

28/08/2016: Published earlier this year before the Chilcot report was finally released, Blood Year by counter-insurgency strategist David Kilcullen is a damning indictment of the so-called war on terror unleased by US imperialism in 2001, with the full support of Tony Blair.

  Iraq, Middle East

225th anniversary of anti-slavery, anti-colonial revolution

27/08/2016: A heroic and lasting inspiration to the oppressed everywhere


Will the Corbyn uprising save Scottish Labour?

27/08/2016: Lessons of indyref and need for active anti-cuts policies


Athens bus cleaners win major victory

26/08/2016: Struggle achieves public contracts for 100s cleaning workers


Twenty five years since the coup against Gorbachev

25/08/2016: Decades of ‘shock therapy capitalism’, wars and corruption


Up to 2 million march against pensions robbery

24/08/2016: General strike threatened for 4 November as protests grow


Montreal workers strike for $15 an hour

22/08/2016: "Company totally underestimated workers’ determination"


Militant, Liverpool and Trotskyism today

22/08/2016: Russia Today covers historic Liverpool battle, led by the CWI in Britain

  Trotsky, Video

Build a new party of the 99%

21/08/2016: Support Jill Stein


Middle East
ISIS’ waning “caliphate”

20/08/2016: Imperialist solutions are no solution at all

  Middle East

Twenty fifth anniversary of attempted coup

19/08/2016: Attempted Stalinist counter-revolution speeds up capitalist counter-revolution


Trump in trouble

17/08/2016: Political polarisation deepens


Is Duterte following in Marcos’ footsteps?

16/08/2016: New president threatens martial law while leaning on ‘left’ parties for support


The Corbyn insurgency 2.0

15/08/2016: Now let’s finish the job


Socialist Party general secretary Peter Taaffe on Channel 4

14/08/2016: Socialist party media coverage amid accusations of Trotskyist "entryism"


CWI around the world

13/08/2016: Video shown at the CWI Summer school of some sections’ activities

  CWI, Video

World Social Forum 2016

13/08/2016: Tens of thousands of activists from around the world gather WSF in Montreal, 9-14 August

  Canada, Quebec

Hong Kong
Multinational MTR takes socialist Sally Tang Mei-ching to court

12/08/2016: Political motives behind ‘David versus Goliath’ trial

  Hong Kong

#KeepCorbyn - stand firm for socialism

10/08/2016: The fight for a Labour Party for the working class


South Africa
Local elections a thunderous rebuke for ANC

09/08/2016: ANC polls less than 60% for first time since end of apartheid

  Africa, South Africa

Mugabe must fall!

05/08/2016: Mass revolt shakes the regime to its foundations


The Olympics, big business and dictatorship

04/08/2016: A short history of the Olympics:


 CWI Summer school

04/08/2016: New cycle of struggle following right-wing parliamentary coup

  Brazil, CWI

 CWI Summer School
Economic instability, inter-imperialist tensions, workers struggles’ and political earthquakes

03/08/2016: Report of the discussion on world perspectives at the recent CWI Summer School

  CWI, Turkey

 CWI Summer School 2016
Fighting racism and the far right 

02/08/2016: Capitalist crisis and anti-immigrant reaction


‘Brexit’ and the German Left

30/07/2016: Reject the bosses’ EU! For a Europe of working people - a voluntary socialist federation


Most contentious Democratic Convention since 1968

29/07/2016: We need a new party of the 99% to defeat the billionaire class


Free jailed Buea activists!

28/07/2016: 100 protest outside the court demanding release of the 15

  Cameroon, Solidarity

Cote d’Ivoire
Protests against electricity prices

28/07/2016: The straw that broke the camel’s back!

  Ivory Coast

A call to action

27/07/2016: Walk out from the Democratic National Convention!


Ireland Republic

Socialist PartyCWI in Ireland republic: Socialist Party
Socialist Party, 141 Thomas Street, Dublin 8, Ireland, ++ 353 1 6772686, email

Ireland: Non-payment of water bills rises to 73%

09/08/2016, Abolish the charges now
Katia Hancke, Socialist Party (CWI in Ireland)

Ireland: The left wing case for leaving the EU

22/06/2016, Article by Paul Murphy, Irish MP and former MEP and CWI member
Originally published on

Ireland: This weak government can be beaten

21/06/2016, “The reality is that a small clique of hard-left, Trotskyite politicians, who are quite upfront about seeking to overthrow the current system, are now arguably setting the political agenda.” (Shane Coleman, Irish Independent 17 May 2016)
By Paul Murphy, Anti-Austerity Alliance MP and Socialist Party (CWI in Ireland) member

Ireland: ‘Jobstown trials’ to go ahead

18/05/2016, Government loses battle on water charges but wages war on Left
Kieran Mahon, Anti-Austerity Alliance / Socialist Party Councillor, Dublin

Ireland: 100th anniversary of the execution of James Connolly

12/05/2016, Revolutionary socialist, militant workers' leader and internationalist
Three articles on Connolly’s life and ideas

Ireland: How long can Kenny’s government last?

07/05/2016, Minority government supported by two main parties and “Independents” formed
By Kevin McLoughlin, Socialist Party (CWI in Irelnd)

Ireland: Water charges suspended

03/05/2016, Protest movement and boycott force huge Establishment parties climb down
Katia Hancke, Socialist Party (CWI Ireland), Dublin

Ireland: 100th anniversary of Easter 1916 Rising

26/03/2016, A revolt against imperial power and war
Cillian Gillespie, Socialist Party (CWI Ireland)

Ireland: Establishment parties hit a wall of anger

14/03/2016, Political crisis looms
By Cillian Gillespie and Ruth Coppinger MP, Socialist Party (CWI in Ireland) members

Ireland South: Voters reject ’two-and-a-half party system’

03/03/2016, Left makes important gains
Interview with Ruth Coppinger TD

Ireland: Government routed in general election

29/02/2016, Establishment parties in crisis, as a new Left rises
Danny Byrne, CWI

Ireland: Successful AAA-PBP electoral rally in Dublin

23/02/2016, Below, videos of TD’s (members of Irish Parliament) Paul Murphy and Ruth Coppinger at a public meeting of the Anti-Austerity Alliance/People Before Profit, after a mass demonstration of tens of thousands against water charges in Dublin

Video: Paul Murphy TD speaks on the Stormont ‘Fresh Start’ austerity agreement

26/11/2015, "Not a fresh start, but a rotten continuation of austerity and sectarianism"

Video: Jobstown protestors appear in court

03/11/2015, Paul Murphy MP - charged with false imprisonment - addresses solidarity gathering outside court

Ireland: “Abortion Pill Bus”

27/10/2015, ROSA and Socialist Party (CWI in Ireland) TD organise bus tour to defy anti-choice 8th amendement
By Monika Janas, Socialist Party (CWI in Ireland) member and ROSA activist

Ireland South:Travellers fire deaths

20/10/2015, The fight against anti-Traveller racism
Manus Lenihan, Socialist Party (CWI Ireland)

Further articles on 'Ireland Republic':















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Video: Militant, Liverpool and Trotskyism today, 22/08/2016

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