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H&M workers score victory against management plans

28/03/2017: Despite very difficult times, struggle can bring results


#JobstownNotGuilty international day of action a huge success

28/03/2017: Over 30 protests around the world and 88 MPs/MEPs pledge support


A week-end of mass protests

27/03/2017: New spring of protest opens up, as 1,000s arrested


Hong Kong
Creeping “coup” by Chinese dictatorship

27/03/2017: Defend the four Hong Kong legislators

  Hong Kong

Terror attack at Westminster

24/03/2017: Unite against terror, racism and war


Democratic Party splits and 5-Star Movement in crisis

22/03/2017: Class struggle can build real left force


Student strike empties classes and fills streets on 9 March

21/03/2017: Over 100,000 take to the streets in SE demonstrations


Second referendum on independence?

18/03/2017: SNP fire the starting gun but offer no solutions to austerity


National day of strikes and protests shows Temer can be beaten

17/03/2017: For a one-day general strike as the next step


South Africa
Unity against poverty, crime and xenophobia

17/03/2017: Capitalist politicians use xenophobia to divert attention from failures of profit system

  South Africa

Election result a colossal defeat for austerity government

16/03/2017: Oppose Wilders and the ‘mainstream’ right – Build a mass workers’ party that struggles for socialism


Workers and their families left to starve by multi-billionaire companies

16/03/2017: International campaign needed to force companies to pay


Hong Kong
Protest against LSG Sky Chefs dismissal of union chairman

14/03/2017: Ng Chi-Fai sacked for organising union by multinational’s Hong Kong division – international solidarity needed

  Hong Kong

Ireland North
Snap election raises sectarian temperature    

14/03/2017: Workers need strong socialist alternative at ballot box and in unions

  Ireland North

Counter protest against far-right

13/03/2017: Rise of Islamophobia and right-wing reaction poses new challenges to the left


 International Women's Day
Speech by Kshama Sawant

12/03/2017: Video of 8 March rally in Seattle


 International Women’s Day
Millions join marches and take action

10/03/2017: Socialists around the world demand an end to women’s oppression


 Hong Kong
Women’s march against sexism and racism

09/03/2017: International Women’s Day: “Solidarity with global mass protests and women’s strikes”


Hundreds of thousands participate in International Women’s day student strike

08/03/2017: ‘Libres y Combativas’ and Sindicato de Estudiantes call strike against sexist violence and for working class women's rights


Political spectacle of the ruling class

08/03/2017: Most workers underemployed, 40% in poverty - situation demands new workers’ party


 International Women’s Day 2017
A century on from the Russian Revolution

06/03/2017: Demonstrations world-wide swelled by anti-Trump anger


Massive demo shows battle to save the NHS can be won

06/03/2017: Up to 250,000 march in national protest, organised from below


Price hikes hit workers and middle classes

04/03/2017: Falling support for dictator Sisi portends growing opposition


Hong Kong’s sham election

03/03/2017: Pan-democrats sink to new low by supporting “lesser evil” John Tsang

  Hong Kong

Socialist response to Trump’s address to joint session of congress

02/03/2017: Kshama Sawant, Socialist Alternative councillor, speaks


“Who could believe it?"

24/02/2017: What is behind Trump's attack?


Dublin's #JobstownNotGuilty

23/02/2017: Defend the right to protest - stop this political vendetta!

  Ireland Republic

A web of intrigue sparks government crisis

22/02/2017: Smear campaign against a prominent police whistleblower

  Ireland Republic

February revolution 1917
What lessons for today?

21/02/2017: 23 February 1917 (8 March in today’s calendar) marked the beginning of the socialist revolution in Russia, which sparked a revolutionary wave that would travel around the world.

  Russian Revolution

International protests in support of TOTAL/G4S workers

20/02/2017: Solidarity spreads for victims of wage robbery and killing by multinational corporations

  Solidarity, Yemen

Ireland Republic

Socialist PartyCWI in Ireland republic: Socialist Party
Socialist Party, 141 Thomas Street, Dublin 8, Ireland, ++ 353 1 6772686, email

Britain/Ireland: Dublin's #JobstownNotGuilty

23/02/2017, Defend the right to protest - stop this political vendetta!
Neil Cafferky, from The Socialist (weekly paper of the Socialist Party, England & Wales)

Ireland: A web of intrigue sparks government crisis

22/02/2017, Smear campaign against a prominent police whistleblower
By Cillian Gillespie, Socialist Party (CWI in Ireland)

Ireland South: Apollo House occupation taps into mood of anger over homelessness

09/01/2017, Far-reaching radical measures necessary to resolve housing crisis
Councillor Michael O’Brien, Anti-Austerity Alliance and Socialist Party member

Ireland: The Jobstown trial and the threat to democratic rights<br />

12/11/2016, Biggest political trial in decades, as Socialist Party & Anti Austerity Alliance MP and councillors face threat of lengthy prison sentences
Eddie McCabe, Socialist Party (CWI in Ireland)

Video: Irish Socialist MPs react to Trump election

10/11/2016, Ruth Coppinger and Mick Barry speak in Irish parliament

Ireland: Police vote to take strike action

02/11/2016, Unprecedented industrial action poses crisis for Irish government
Conor Payne, Socialist Party (CWI Ireland)

Ireland: Jobstown protester found guilty – “A recipe for totalitarianism”

21/10/2016, Attack on basic democratic rights must be resisted
Matt Waine, Anti Austerity Alliance Councillor & Socialist Party member

Video: Socialists speak in Irish parliament

29/09/2016, Ruth Coppinger and Paul Murphy giving a voice to mass pro-choice and anti-water charges movements in Dail

Ireland South: Irish embassies face Jobstown trial protests

20/09/2016, Defend the right to protest – Drop the charges!
CWI Reporters

Ireland: #JobstownNotGuilty trials begin…

19/09/2016, State criminalises right to protest

Paul Murphy, Socialist Party (CWI in Ireland) MP

Ireland: Dublin Bus workers move into action

13/09/2016, Strike launched after years of wage restraint

Councillor Michael O’Brien, Socialist Party (CWI in Ireland)

Video: Irish Socialist MPs on Apple tax scandal

08/09/2016, Socialist industrial policy argued for in parilament by Paul Murphy, Ruth Coppinger and Mick Barry

Ireland: The €13 billion question

02/09/2016, Government supports Apple’s tax dodging
Cillian Gillespie, Socialist Party (CWI Ireland)

Ireland: Non-payment of water bills rises to 73%

09/08/2016, Abolish the charges now
Katia Hancke, Socialist Party (CWI in Ireland)

Ireland: The left wing case for leaving the EU

22/06/2016, Article by Paul Murphy, Irish MP and former MEP and CWI member
Originally published on

Ireland: This weak government can be beaten

21/06/2016, “The reality is that a small clique of hard-left, Trotskyite politicians, who are quite upfront about seeking to overthrow the current system, are now arguably setting the political agenda.” (Shane Coleman, Irish Independent 17 May 2016)
By Paul Murphy, Anti-Austerity Alliance MP and Socialist Party (CWI in Ireland) member

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Video: US Socialist Students build for student walkouts against Trump, 15/12/2016

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