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Montreal workers strike for $15 an hour

22/08/2016: "Company totally underestimated workers’ determination"


Militant, Liverpool and Trotskyism today

22/08/2016: Russia Today covers historic Liverpool battle, led by the CWI in Britain

  Trotsky, Video

Build a new party of the 99%

21/08/2016: Support Jill Stein


Middle East
ISIS’ waning “caliphate”

20/08/2016: Imperialist solutions are no solution at all

  Middle East

Twenty fifth anniversary of attempted coup

19/08/2016: Attempted Stalinist counter-revolution speeds up capitalist counter-revolution


Trump in trouble

17/08/2016: Political polarisation deepens


Is Duterte following in Marcos’ footsteps?

16/08/2016: New president threatens martial law while leaning on ‘left’ parties for support


The Corbyn insurgency 2.0

15/08/2016: Now let’s finish the job


Socialist Party general secretary Peter Taaffe on Channel 4

14/08/2016: Socialist party media coverage amid accusations of Trotskyist "entryism"


CWI around the world

13/08/2016: Video shown at the CWI Summer school of some sections’ activities

  CWI, Video

World Social Forum 2016

13/08/2016: Tens of thousands of activists from around the world gather WSF in Montreal, 9-14 August

  Canada, Quebec

Hong Kong
Multinational MTR takes socialist Sally Tang Mei-ching to court

12/08/2016: Political motives behind ‘David versus Goliath’ trial

  Hong Kong

#KeepCorbyn - stand firm for socialism

10/08/2016: The fight for a Labour Party for the working class


South Africa
Local elections a thunderous rebuke for ANC

09/08/2016: ANC polls less than 60% for first time since end of apartheid

  Africa, South Africa

Mugabe must fall!

05/08/2016: Mass revolt shakes the regime to its foundations


The Olympics, big business and dictatorship

04/08/2016: A short history of the Olympics:


 CWI Summer school

04/08/2016: New cycle of struggle following right-wing parliamentary coup

  Brazil, CWI

 CWI Summer School
Economic instability, inter-imperialist tensions, workers struggles’ and political earthquakes

03/08/2016: Report of the discussion on world perspectives at the recent CWI Summer School

  CWI, Turkey

 CWI Summer School 2016
Fighting racism and the far right 

02/08/2016: Capitalist crisis and anti-immigrant reaction


‘Brexit’ and the German Left

30/07/2016: Reject the bosses’ EU! For a Europe of working people - a voluntary socialist federation


Most contentious Democratic Convention since 1968

29/07/2016: We need a new party of the 99% to defeat the billionaire class


Free jailed Buea activists!

28/07/2016: 100 protest outside the court demanding release of the 15

  Cameroon, Solidarity

Cote d’Ivoire
Protests against electricity prices

28/07/2016: The straw that broke the camel’s back!

  Ivory Coast

A call to action

27/07/2016: Walk out from the Democratic National Convention!


One million protest against private pension fund

26/07/2016: After student protests, working class returns to streets


 CWI Summer School
Europe in the aftermath of the Brexit shock

26/07/2016: Continent enters new phase of political and economic crises


Westminster renews Trident weapons of mass destruction

25/07/2016: Debate exposes Labour as two parties


Brutal repression against Hong Kong socialist at Brussels Airport

18/07/2016: Chinese methods against Marxists copied by Belgian authorities


Attempted coup failed

16/07/2016: No to military rule, no to Erdogan’s rule! For a workers’ alternative!


In the face of terror in Nice we will not be intimidated !

16/07/2016: No to hatred, suspicion and racism : don’t let us be divided !



Xekinima - Socialist Internationalist OrganisationCWI in Greece: Xekinima - Socialist Internationalist Organisation
Xekinima, 8 Gortynos, Kato Patissia, PO Box 11254, Athens, Greece., ++ 30 210 2283018-9, email

Greece: Rise in support for Grexit; fall in support for SYRIZA

11/07/2016, Highest levels recorded against Eurozone and EU membership following Brexit
Kyriakos Halaris (translated from the Xekinima website of the Greek section of the CWI)

Greece: Victory for Athens bus cleaners

07/06/2016, Strike action wins major concessions from contractors and bus administration
Eleni Mitsou (Xekinima - CWI Greece) and Apostolis Kasimeris (Board Member of OASA - Athens Bus Workers’ Union)

Greece: Bus cleaners renew strike after management’s broken promises

29/05/2016, "Triple-oppressed workers - immigrants, women and low-paid – show way forward"
Interview with Apostolis Kassimeris, member of Xekinima and of Executive of OASA Workers’ Union (Athens bus drivers' union)

Greece: Striking Athens bus cleaners continue their struggle

17/05/2016, Court declares strike ‘lawful’
Articles from Xekinima (CWI Greece) website

Greece: Athens bus cleaners hold solid 48 hour strike

27/04/2016, Workers resist inhuman working conditions and violation of working rights
Apostolos Kasimeris (Board Member of OASA’s Athens Bus Workers’ Union) and Eleni Mitsou (Xekinima - CWI Greece)

Greece: Farmers occupy central Athens over pensions bill

17/02/2016, “All together, workers and poor farmers, at Syntagma Square, against austerity”
Text of leaflet produced by Xekinima (CWI Greece)

Greece: Powerful general strike opposes cuts to pensions

09/02/2016, All out in the struggle! Coordinate and develop the fight now!
Editorial from Xekinima, fortnightly newspaper of the CWI, Greece

Greece: Workers strike at Contitech-IMAS factory

02/02/2016, Solidarity campaign needed!
Xekinima (CWI Greece) Reporters

Greece: General strike against austerity sees mass protests

26/11/2015, Syriza mobilises… against Syriza!
Xekinima (CWI Greece) Reporters

Greece: Mass abstention dominates general election

22/09/2015, Mass socialist alternative needs to be built
Interview with a Greek socialist

Greece: 20 September elections - ‘No’ to the Memorandum parties!

13/09/2015, Mass revolutionary Left needed to find way out of crisis of capitalist system
Statement by Xekinima (Greek section of the CWI)

Greece: What does “Popular Unity” stand for?

28/08/2015, New Left force launched following Tsipras’ betrayal
Interview with Andreas Payiatsos, Xekinima (CWI in Greece), by Lucy Redler, SAV (CWI in Germany)

Greece and the latest phase of the EU crisis

18/08/2015, Alexis Tsipras and the Syriza leadership have pushed through parliament the third bailout – and further deep cuts – although only with the help of right-wing parties. However, the crises in Greece, the eurozone and wider EU are far from over…
Tony Saunois, CWI, from September 2015 issue of Socialism Today, magazine of the Socialist Party (CWI in England & Wales)

Greece: ‘The working class showed it will return to struggle’

04/08/2015, After Syriza capitulates, taking first steps towards building a new mass Left alternative to austerity and capitalism
Interview with a Greek socialist

Germany: Capitalists strangling Greece

15/07/2015, No to the dictatorship of banks and big business – For a socialist Europe!
Georg Kümmel, Cologne, Sozialistische Alternative (CWI in Germany)

Greece: Tsipras crosses the Rubicon

10/07/2015, Time for a new, mass revolutionary Left to oppose all austerity!
Editorial Statement by Xekinima(CWI Greece)

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Video: Militant, Liverpool and Trotskyism today, 22/08/2016

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