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Labour - party of cuts

19/04/2015: Oppose the ’logic of capitalism’


After the Bardo terrorist attack

18/04/2015: New class battles loom


Paul Murphy attacks bosses’ victimisation of strikers

17/04/2015: Socialist Partty (CWI) and Anti-Austerity Alliance TD speaks in Irish Parliament

  Ireland Republic, Video

National day of strikes and protests for $15

17/04/2015: Snapshot of the movement – the fight for $15 in 7 major cities


Kshama Sawant on Democracy Now

16/04/2015: Socialist Seattle councillor debates Hillary Clinton run for President

  US, Video

Ireland North
Hundreds protest against racist arson attack

15/04/2015: Build a united mass movement to challenge racism, sectarianism and all forms of bigotry

  Ireland North

Brutal onslaught on country’s poor

15/04/2015: For unity of workers and poor against imperialism and sectarianism


A hot spring in the making?

14/04/2015: Students take strike action against austerity


China’s feminists
A victory for protests in China and worldwide

14/04/2015: Five women activists released in rare climb down by Beijing regime


First one-day strike against austerity gets big response

13/04/2015: 300, 000 people marched on demonstrations across France on Thursday 9 April


Budget - Who should pay for the economic crisis?

13/04/2015: Federal government preparing the ground for their second budget


UKIP blame immigration for problems facing working class

12/04/2015: Workers’ unity to defend pay jobs and services


Panama 2015 Trade Union and Social Alternative Summit

11/04/2015: For an end to imperialism and capitalism, long live socialist and revolutionary united solidarity in our Americas!

  Latin America

The Garissa massacre, Al-Shabaab and US imperialism

10/04/2015: Growing regional destabilisation

  Kenya, US

40,000 Seattle workers get pay rise

08/04/2015: Coalition of students and workers demand $15 minimum wage at University of Washington


Anti-racist protesters vastly outnumber ‘Reclaim Australia’ Melbourne rally

07/04/2015: Only ‘minority’ to blame for society’s problems is ultra-rich 1%


Climate change
Looking for a cheap fix

06/04/2015: The cyclone that devastated the Pacific island of Vanuatu in March, the most severe ever recorded in the region, highlighted again the very likely connection between extreme weather events and global warming.


Ruling party crumbles in historic election

05/04/2015: But only mass struggle can guarantee the interests of workers and poor masses under buhari’s presidency


Is the SNP: a threat to the political establishment?

04/04/2015: The SNP (Scottish National Party) looks set to win the majority of Scottish seats in the general election


What low oil prices cost the world economy

03/04/2015: The sudden plunge of oil and gas prices has underlined the volatility in the world capitalist economy

  World Economy

Paul Murphy speaks in support of striking workers

02/04/2015: Socialist MP challenges Labour Deputy Prime Minister in parliament

  Ireland Republic, Video

Indefinite strike by Glasgow Council Homeless workers

01/04/2015: Workers treated unfairly by council for years


South Africa
Cosatu splits as ‘Vavi’ expelled

01/04/2015: Expulsion opens new chapter in working class struggle

  Africa, South Africa

Former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew dies

31/03/2015: Apologist for neo-liberalism and autocracy


Elections punish Valls and Hollande

31/03/2015: Department results show need for fightback against austerity and racism


Alcedo Mora must be found alive!

30/03/2015: Urgent need for international solidarity

  Solidarity, Venezuela

Election setback for Labour Party

30/03/2015: Main parties guarantee austerity - A mass party of the Left with a socialist programme needed


20,000 people give ECB “the finger”

28/03/2015: Big demo and blockade against the reopening of the Central Bank


Interview with a Greek socialist

28/03/2015: The Syriza government and the Troika and building the Greek Left

  Greece, Video

South Africa
NUMSA & WASP discuss international experiences of new workers’ parties

27/03/2015: South Africa’s metalworkers union in discussion with WASP and CWI

  Africa, South Africa

Harald Mahrer (1974-2015)

27/03/2015: An active, critical and inspiring comrade


Dave Nellist on Russia Today TV

26/03/2015: Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) standing throughout Britain in May elections

  Britain, Video

Lessons of the pilots’ strike

25/03/2015: A struggle against outsourcing



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Britain: Labour - party of cuts

19/04/2015, Oppose the ’logic of capitalism’
Editorial from The Socialist, paper of the Socialist Party (CWI in England & Wales)

Britain: UKIP blame immigration for problems facing working class

12/04/2015, Workers’ unity to defend pay jobs and services
Editorial of The Socialist (issue 851), weekly paper of the Socialist Party (CWI England & Wales)

Video: Dave Nellist on Russia Today TV

26/03/2015, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) standing throughout Britain in May elections

Britain: What lies behind UKIP?

14/03/2015, Its Tory-oriented anti-immigration, anti-EU rhetoric has been adapted to a right-wing populism aimed at winning voters fed up with the political establishment
Hannah Sell, Socialist Party (CWI in England & Wales)

Britain: Labour MP shows contempt for workers

24/02/2015, Three decades ago he debated with Militant leaders who warned about degeneration of his party

Britain: 2015 Socialist Party Congress:

19/02/2015, Preparing the forces to fight capitalist austerity
Socialist Party (CWI in England & Wales) reporters

Greece: Syriza victory shows austerity elite can be beaten

29/01/2015, An inspiration for workers and youth across Europe
Editorial of The Socialist, newspaper of the Socialist Party (CWI England & Wales)

New Year: Political and economic ingredients for volatile 2015

31/12/2014, As crisis of capitalism worsens, vital to organise and continue the struggle
Peter Taaffe, General Secretary Socialist Party (CWI England & Wales)

Britain: In defence of TUSC

30/12/2014, As the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition gears up for its biggest ever electoral stand…
Clive Heemskerk, from Socialism Today, magazine of the Socialist Party (CWI in England & Wales)

US: Put CIA torturers in the dock

21/12/2014, The role of state intelligence
Dave Carr, from The Socialist (weekly paper of the CWI England & Wales)

Britain: Right wing, populist UKIP wins second Parliament seat

26/11/2014, Labour’s pro-austerity ‘opposition’ no alternative
Editorial from The Socialist, weekly paper of the Socialist Party (England & Wales)

Afghanistan: British combat troops pull out

13/11/2014, A legacy of death and destruction
Niall Mulholland, from The Socialist (weekly paper of the Socialist Party – CWI England & Wales)

Britain: Over 1,000 attend largest ever ‘Socialism’ event

11/11/2014, Socialism 2014 - infused with contagious confidence
Sarah Sachs Eldridge, Socialist Party (CWI in England & Wales)

Britain: Come to Socialism 2014

03/11/2014, Weekend of discussion & debate hosted by the Socialist Party – London 8-9 November
Sarah Sachs-Eldridge, Socialism 2014 organising team

Britain: Anniversary of first issue of Militant newspaper

24/10/2014, 50 years of socialist ideas and workers’ struggle
Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party general secretary, from this week’s Socialist (paper of the Socialist Party – CWI England & Wales)

Britain: 100,000 attend TUC’s pay rise demo

21/10/2014, Calls for local government strike action to be reinstated
Socialist Party Reporters, London

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Video: Paul Murphy attacks bosses’ victimisation of strikers, 17/04/2015

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