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latest news

Gaza in crisis

29/07/2014: Mass action needed to stop bloodshed

  Israel / Palestine

Sri Lanka
United Socialist Party issues press statement

28/07/2014: CWI calls for protests and financial assistance

  Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka
Racist Buddhist mob ambushes United Socialist Party march

26/07/2014: CWI condemns attack and requests solidarity

  Sri Lanka

The great slowdown

24/07/2014: Signs the mammoth property bubble is finally bursting belie Beijing’s upbeat GDP data


The first year of war

23/07/2014: Article by LEON TROTSKY translated into English for first time


The Bolsheviks and the war

21/07/2014: The horrors of the first world war, and the economic and social turmoil it created, led to mass upheaval. In Russia alone did this lead to a successful revolution…

  World War 1

The capitulation of the Second International

19/07/2014: Before 1914, the Second International resolved to act to prevent war…

  World War 1

South Africa
Metal workers’ strike

19/07/2014: Industrial action must take forward call for a new workers’ party

  Africa, South Africa

Abuse scandals reveal abusive system

18/07/2014: An Establishment cover-up?


Sri Lanka
Vicious communalist attacks on Muslims

17/07/2014: USP mounts motor cycle ‘march’ to fight for united struggle against chauvinists

  Sri Lanka

World War One
100 years since the great slaughter

16/07/2014: Ten million killed and more than ten million seriously injured

  History, World War 1

World outraged by Israeli State’s ferocious bombing of Gaza

15/07/2014: Mass action needed to end the slaughter and blockade!

  Israel / Palestine

Revolutionary US Teamsters

14/07/2014: Celebrating the 80th Anniversary of the 1934 Minneapolis Strikes

  History, US

Stop the bombing of Gaza – End Israeli state terror!

12/07/2014: Over 100 Gazans have been killed in one week, including 20 children

  Israel / Palestine

Junk Juncker, Cameron and the anti-worker EU

11/07/2014: "Cameron’s defeat was dire."


Netanyahu government fuels wave of protest

08/07/2014: Extracts and updates from a series of articles on the website of Socialist Struggle Movement, the Israel-Palestine section of the CWI.

  Israel / Palestine

Hong Kong
What next after massive July 1 demo?

07/07/2014: Battle-lines hardening as masses push for democracy while government steps up repression

  Hong Kong

Can capitalism put all of us first?

05/07/2014: A response to the “practical idealism” of the Common Weal


Hollande’s austerity plans must be blocked

04/07/2014: United private-public sector strike vital


Solidarity with sacked Metro workers

04/07/2014: 42 workers sacked for going on strike

  Brazil, Solidarity

South Africa
220,000 metalworkers’ on strike

03/07/2014: Forward to a living wage – end labour broking

  South Africa

Thousands rally in Melbourne against East-West toll road

03/07/2014: Labour claim opposition to project but refuse to rip up contracts


 Sri Lanka
Solidarity needed against nationalist attacks

02/07/2014: At least four people were killed and 100 injured in anti-Muslim attacks

  Solidarity, Sri Lanka

Free Vadim Kuramshin

02/07/2014: Joe HIggins, Socialist Party (CWI) TD raises Vadim’s case in Irish parliament


Return to turmoil

01/07/2014: Debt crisis is back – the class struggle and tasks for the Left


’Capital in the Twenty-First Century’

28/06/2014: Thomas Piketty: The new Marx?


South Africa
Victory in platinum miners’ strike!

27/06/2014: Significant step forward in the struggle for a living wage for all

  South Africa

Military launch offensive in North Waziristan

26/06/2014: Half a million people flee the area


Coulson conviction - Cameron must resign!

26/06/2014: Call a general election now


Isis jihadists capture more territory

24/06/2014: Only organised, united working class can end war and social misery


Protest in Tel Aviv against military raids

24/06/2014: Israeli nationalist thugs cowardly attacked Socialist Struggle Movement activists after the protest

  Israel / Palestine

Waging war on climate change

23/06/2014: The quickening pace of global warming poses a threat to US national security, says a leading, federally-funded military research organisation


Scores killed in Taliban attacks on Karachi airport

19/06/2014: Workers need political movement to counter extremist ideology and capitalism



Democratic Socialist MovementCWI in Nigeria: Democratic Socialist Movement
Democratic Socialist Movement, P.O. Box 2225, Agege, Lagos, Nigeria, +234 805 304 5953, email

Nigeria: 200 school girls abducted

18/06/2014, Why has Boko Haram insurgency grown?
By Segun Sango, National Chairperson, Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN), a party initiated by the DSM (CWI in Nigeria)

Nigeria: Boko Haram’s abduction of school girls horrifies the world

12/05/2014, Can a solution to the insurgency be found under capitalism?
Hassan Taiwo Soweto, Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI Nigeria), Lagos

Nigeria: Bomb explosions in Abuja - more evidence of the failure of capitalist government

16/04/2014, For democratic self-defence committees
Segun Sango, Socialist Party Nigeria National Chairperson

Nigeria: Death at Immigration Service aptitude tests: government is to blame

20/03/2014, Education Rights Campaign (ERC) calls for a day of mourning and mass protests
Hassan Taiwo Soweto, ERC National Coordinator and Michael Ogundele, National Secretary

Nigeria: One hundred years of capitalist rule

09/03/2014, Failure of both international and local capitalist elite’s rule
By Segun Sango, National Chairperson, Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN)

Nigeria: Attack on Segun Sango, DSM General Secretary

03/02/2014, Segun’s car damaged in attack
Peluola Adewale, Democratic Socialist Movement


18/01/2014, It is a Legalised Assault on Democratic Rights
Education Rights Campaign (ERC) press statement

Nigeria: A political party of the working class is born

20/11/2013, Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) holds inaugural convention
Hassan Taiwo Soweto, National Youth Leader, SPN

Nigeria: 2015 general elections and the working masses

12/09/2013, Under the timetable of Nigeria’s current constitution, the working may have to endure the country’s rulers until the next general elections twenty months away!
Segun Sango, DSM (CWI Nigeria) general secretary

Nigeria: Answering press lies

02/09/2013, Rejoinder to ‘Daily Trust’ fabrication
Onwunalu Alexander, Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI in Nigeria)

Nigeria: President Jonathan declares state of emergency

21/05/2013, An expressway to attacks on democratic rights! For democratic mass working peoples’ defence committees!
Segun Sango, Protem National Chairperson, Socialist Party of Nigeria

May Day in Nigeria: Jonathan government intensifies attacks on democratic rights

12/05/2013, 15 DSM members arrested at May Day rallies
Ebike Iseru, DSM (CWI Nigeria)

Nigerian May Day arrests: All DSM members released [updated]

03/05/2013, The last set of DSM members still in the detention of the state security service (SSS) in Kaduna, Northwest Nigeria, and Ibadan Oyo state, Southwest Nigeria, as of yesterday, has been released.
Press statement by Segun Sango, general secretary DSM (CWI Nigeria)

Nigeria: Militarisation of May Day rallies

02/05/2013, DSM comrades arrested and detained
Press statement by Segun Sango, general secretary DSM (CWI Nigeria)

Nigeria: Recall DSM member Michael Ogundele now!

18/04/2013, University of Ibadan (UI): End victimisation of student activists! - Call for protest letters and solidarity
Abbey Trotsky, Ibadan, DSM (CWI Nigeria)

Nigeria: Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) taking shape

18/04/2013, Lively meeting of party members and supporters elects Lagos state executive
H.T Soweto, Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI Nigeria)

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