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Council cuts and the Corbyn campaign

01/09/2015: Potential to resist if follow 80’s Liverpool Council example


Democratic autonomy or socialism?

29/08/2015: Articles on Öcalan’s ideas and Rojava, originally published in, the quaterly magazine of SAV (German section of the CWI)

  Kurdistan, Syria, Turkey

What does “Popular Unity” stand for?

28/08/2015: New Left force launched following Tsipras’ betrayal


Sri Lanka
Identifying the challenges after defeat of Rajapaksa

27/08/2015: Working class struggle top priority for socialists

  Sri Lanka

The Corbyn insurgency

27/08/2015: Whatever the outcome of the contest, Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign has already transformed the political situation in Britain


‘Garbage protests’ shake the ruling class

25/08/2015: Interview with Tamer Mahdi, CWI member in Lebanon


World economy
China crisis triggers panic on global markets

25/08/2015: More than $5 trillion wiped off global stock markets in two weeks since Chinese devaluation

  China, World Economy

Sri Lanka
Election sees Rajapaksa fail to make a come-back

23/08/2015: Neo-liberal policies of UNP-led government will not satisfy demands of workers and poor.

  Sri Lanka

Gulf War
25 years since invasion of Kuwait

22/08/2015: ’Unfinished business’ remains today


Anniversary of Trotsky’s assassination

21/08/2015: Coming mass revolts will see workers and youth look to Trotsky’s ideas

  History, Trotsky

Scotland and the Jeremy Corbyn campaign

20/08/2015: The response to Corbyn’s campaign has parallels with the outpouring of class anger that was seen during the independence referendum


Bomb in Bangkok kills 20

19/08/2015: Country plagued by military junta and economic downturn


Past or future?

18/08/2015: Review of ‘PostCapitalism: a guide to our future’ by Paul Mason

  Science, Theory

Greece and the latest phase of the EU crisis

18/08/2015: Alexis Tsipras and the Syriza leadership have pushed through parliament the third bailout – and further deep cuts – although only with the help of right-wing parties. However, the crises in Greece, the eurozone and wider EU are far from over…


Corbyn challenge - a very welcome political upheaval

17/08/2015: The Labour Party’s right-wing leaders have been astonished and horrified at the over-flowing rallies for Jeremy Corbyn around the UK over the last few weeks


Northern Ireland
Left Challenge for Largest Union’s Leadership

15/08/2015: CWI member, Patrick Mulholland, leads Left campaign for leadership of NIPSA union

  Ireland North

Paul Murphy and 22 activists to be charged over peaceful protest

14/08/2015: Socialist MP to be charged with false imprisonment for protesting against water charges

  Ireland Republic

Will robots end capitalism?

14/08/2015: Technological developments, the threat to jobs, and perspectives for the struggle against capitalism and for the future of humanity


 CWI School 2015
New Left formations

13/08/2015: Report of discussion on New Workers’ Parties, Left Populism and the ideas and programme of PODEMOS, SYRIZA


Devaluation of yuan jolts global markets

12/08/2015: Sudden reversal of Beijing’s exchange rate policy underlines seriousness of China’s economic woes


Human tragedy of Calais crisis

07/08/2015: Tories have no solutions

  Britain, France

PYD leaders call for partnership with Bashar al-Assad’s regime

06/08/2015: No faith in authoritarian rulers and Western powers!

  Kurdistan, Syria, Turkey

70th anniversary of Hiroshima atomic bomb

06/08/2015: Can a future nuclear conflict be avoided?

  Japan, Nuclear Power

 CWI School
Building the CWI

06/08/2015: Introductory video to the plenary session on ‘Building the CWI’ shown at the 2015 CWI Summer School, featuring the work of our International across the world


Jeremy Corbyn – thousands rally to anti-austerity appeal

05/08/2015: Large attendances at Corbyn rallies across country


Kshama Sawant leads primary elections count on 50%

05/08/2015: Seattle socialist primary election success


‘The working class showed it will return to struggle’

04/08/2015: After Syriza capitulates, taking first steps towards building a new mass Left alternative to austerity and capitalism


 CWI School 2015
World crisis continues amid horrific consequences

03/08/2015: Report of World Perspectives discussion at the 2015 CWI Summer School


 CWI School
Drawing the lessons from the revolutions in North Africa

03/08/2015: Life and death struggle with the process of counter-revolution.

  Africa, CWI, Tunisia

Over 1,000 attend housing debate hosted by Socialist councillor Kshama Sawant

31/07/2015: Kshama Sawant, Seattle’s socialist councillor defending seat in primary elections on 4 August


 CWI School
Social and political turmoil in Ireland

30/07/2015: Socialists play key role in rapidly changing situation

  CWI, Ireland Republic

Corbyn’s Labour leadership bid shows anti-austerity message popular

29/07/2015: Militant Tendency held up as bogeyman by Labour right and media - What’s the real history?


Horrific Suruc massacre

28/07/2015: Only workers’ unity can end terrorism and division



Democratic Socialist MovementCWI in Nigeria: Democratic Socialist Movement
Democratic Socialist Movement, P.O. Box 2225, Agege, Lagos, Nigeria, +234 805 304 5953, email

Nigieria: Buhari Government takes power

28/05/2015, Working People Must Prepare to Struggle for improvement and Real Change
Segun Sango, Socialist Party Nigeria, National Chairperson

Nigeria: Ruling party crumbles in historic election

05/04/2015, But only mass struggle can guarantee the interests of workers and poor masses under buhari’s presidency
By National Executive Committee Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM – CWI in Nigeria)

Nigeria: The Massacre in Baga

19/01/2015, Socialism or Barbarism
H.T Soweto, DSM (CWI in Nigeria)

Nigeria: 2015 general elections and the working masses

16/01/2015, Boko Haram and the war in the north-east
Aj. Dagga Tolar and Kola Ibrahim, DSM (CWI in Nigeria)

Nigeria: Vast social and class extremes

27/10/2014, The unreported Nigeria - mass struggles by the working class
Sophie Simcox, Socialist Party (CWI England & Wales)

Nigeria: Fees victory at Lagos State University!

26/08/2014, Vigilance required from LASU students and workers to ensure that victory is permanent
Education Rights Campaign, Nigeria statement

Nigeria: 200 school girls abducted

18/06/2014, Why has Boko Haram insurgency grown?
By Segun Sango, National Chairperson, Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN), a party initiated by the DSM (CWI in Nigeria)

Nigeria: Boko Haram’s abduction of school girls horrifies the world

12/05/2014, Can a solution to the insurgency be found under capitalism?
Hassan Taiwo Soweto, Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI Nigeria), Lagos

Nigeria: Bomb explosions in Abuja - more evidence of the failure of capitalist government

16/04/2014, For democratic self-defence committees
Segun Sango, Socialist Party Nigeria National Chairperson

Nigeria: Death at Immigration Service aptitude tests: government is to blame

20/03/2014, Education Rights Campaign (ERC) calls for a day of mourning and mass protests
Hassan Taiwo Soweto, ERC National Coordinator and Michael Ogundele, National Secretary

Nigeria: One hundred years of capitalist rule

09/03/2014, Failure of both international and local capitalist elite’s rule
By Segun Sango, National Chairperson, Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN)

Nigeria: Attack on Segun Sango, DSM General Secretary

03/02/2014, Segun’s car damaged in attack
Peluola Adewale, Democratic Socialist Movement


18/01/2014, It is a Legalised Assault on Democratic Rights
Education Rights Campaign (ERC) press statement

Nigeria: A political party of the working class is born

20/11/2013, Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) holds inaugural convention
Hassan Taiwo Soweto, National Youth Leader, SPN

Nigeria: 2015 general elections and the working masses

12/09/2013, Under the timetable of Nigeria’s current constitution, the working may have to endure the country’s rulers until the next general elections twenty months away!
Segun Sango, DSM (CWI Nigeria) general secretary

Nigeria: Answering press lies

02/09/2013, Rejoinder to ‘Daily Trust’ fabrication
Onwunalu Alexander, Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI in Nigeria)

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CWI School: Building the CWI, 06/08/2015

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