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Latin America
A new turn?

25/04/2015: Historic handshake between Barack Obama and Raúl Castro, turmoil in Venezuela, and stalled reforms in Bolivia – as well as crises in Brazil – symbolise a new turn in Latin America and the Caribbean

  Latin America

Worst ever election result for traditional Left

24/04/2015: Finns Party second biggest in parliament


Proposed nuclear deal reflects transformed Middle East

24/04/2015: In aftermath of disastrous Iraq occupation, Obama administration balancing between region’s forces

  Iran, Middle East

Labour face annihilation as millions seek an answer to austerity

23/04/2015: The SNP, according to the polls, will win 53 of Scotland’s 59 Westminster MPs


Paul Murphy speaking at anti-water charges demo in Dublin

23/04/2015: Socialist Partty (CWI) and Anti-Austerity Alliance TD speaks at march of tens of thosuands against water charges on April 18

  Ireland Republic, Video

Interview with Jawad Ahmed, famous Pakistani singer and activist

22/04/2015: Jawad Ahmed, Singer and central committee member of International Youth and Workers Movement (IYWM) from Pakistan spoke to CWI about the work of IYWM.

  Pakistan, Video

South Africa
Organise against xenophobia – a programme for our communities

21/04/2015: Build a country-wide socialist civic movement. Fight for jobs, houses and services for all

  Africa, South Africa

TUSC 100% anti-austerity election broadcast

20/04/2015: Broadcast goes out on all 5 national terrestrial channels

  Britain, Video

Labour - party of cuts

19/04/2015: Oppose the ’logic of capitalism’


After the Bardo terrorist attack

18/04/2015: New class battles loom


Paul Murphy attacks bosses’ victimisation of strikers

17/04/2015: Socialist Partty (CWI) and Anti-Austerity Alliance TD speaks in Irish Parliament

  Ireland Republic, Video

National day of strikes and protests for $15

17/04/2015: Snapshot of the movement – the fight for $15 in 7 major cities


Kshama Sawant on Democracy Now

16/04/2015: Socialist Seattle councillor debates Hillary Clinton run for President

  US, Video

Ireland North
Hundreds protest against racist arson attack

15/04/2015: Build a united mass movement to challenge racism, sectarianism and all forms of bigotry

  Ireland North

Brutal onslaught on country’s poor

15/04/2015: For unity of workers and poor against imperialism and sectarianism


A hot spring in the making?

14/04/2015: Students take strike action against austerity


China’s feminists
A victory for protests in China and worldwide

14/04/2015: Five women activists released in rare climb down by Beijing regime


First one-day strike against austerity gets big response

13/04/2015: 300, 000 people marched on demonstrations across France on Thursday 9 April


Budget - Who should pay for the economic crisis?

13/04/2015: Federal government preparing the ground for their second budget


UKIP blame immigration for problems facing working class

12/04/2015: Workers’ unity to defend pay jobs and services


Panama 2015 Trade Union and Social Alternative Summit

11/04/2015: For an end to imperialism and capitalism, long live socialist and revolutionary united solidarity in our Americas!

  Latin America

The Garissa massacre, Al-Shabaab and US imperialism

10/04/2015: Growing regional destabilisation

  Kenya, US

40,000 Seattle workers get pay rise

08/04/2015: Coalition of students and workers demand $15 minimum wage at University of Washington


Anti-racist protesters vastly outnumber ‘Reclaim Australia’ Melbourne rally

07/04/2015: Only ‘minority’ to blame for society’s problems is ultra-rich 1%


Climate change
Looking for a cheap fix

06/04/2015: The cyclone that devastated the Pacific island of Vanuatu in March, the most severe ever recorded in the region, highlighted again the very likely connection between extreme weather events and global warming.


Ruling party crumbles in historic election

05/04/2015: But only mass struggle can guarantee the interests of workers and poor masses under buhari’s presidency


Is the SNP: a threat to the political establishment?

04/04/2015: The SNP (Scottish National Party) looks set to win the majority of Scottish seats in the general election


What low oil prices cost the world economy

03/04/2015: The sudden plunge of oil and gas prices has underlined the volatility in the world capitalist economy

  World Economy

Paul Murphy speaks in support of striking workers

02/04/2015: Socialist MP challenges Labour Deputy Prime Minister in parliament

  Ireland Republic, Video

Indefinite strike by Glasgow Council Homeless workers

01/04/2015: Workers treated unfairly by council for years


South Africa
Cosatu splits as ‘Vavi’ expelled

01/04/2015: Expulsion opens new chapter in working class struggle

  Africa, South Africa

Former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew dies

31/03/2015: Apologist for neo-liberalism and autocracy


Elections punish Valls and Hollande

31/03/2015: Department results show need for fightback against austerity and racism



Democratic Socialist MovementCWI in Nigeria: Democratic Socialist Movement
Democratic Socialist Movement, P.O. Box 2225, Agege, Lagos, Nigeria, +234 805 304 5953, email

Nigeria: Ruling party crumbles in historic election

05/04/2015, But only mass struggle can guarantee the interests of workers and poor masses under buhari’s presidency
By National Executive Committee Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM – CWI in Nigeria)

Nigeria: The Massacre in Baga

19/01/2015, Socialism or Barbarism
H.T Soweto, DSM (CWI in Nigeria)

Nigeria: 2015 general elections and the working masses

16/01/2015, Boko Haram and the war in the north-east
Aj. Dagga Tolar and Kola Ibrahim, DSM (CWI in Nigeria)

Nigeria: Vast social and class extremes

27/10/2014, The unreported Nigeria - mass struggles by the working class
Sophie Simcox, Socialist Party (CWI England & Wales)

Nigeria: Fees victory at Lagos State University!

26/08/2014, Vigilance required from LASU students and workers to ensure that victory is permanent
Education Rights Campaign, Nigeria statement

Nigeria: 200 school girls abducted

18/06/2014, Why has Boko Haram insurgency grown?
By Segun Sango, National Chairperson, Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN), a party initiated by the DSM (CWI in Nigeria)

Nigeria: Boko Haram’s abduction of school girls horrifies the world

12/05/2014, Can a solution to the insurgency be found under capitalism?
Hassan Taiwo Soweto, Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI Nigeria), Lagos

Nigeria: Bomb explosions in Abuja - more evidence of the failure of capitalist government

16/04/2014, For democratic self-defence committees
Segun Sango, Socialist Party Nigeria National Chairperson

Nigeria: Death at Immigration Service aptitude tests: government is to blame

20/03/2014, Education Rights Campaign (ERC) calls for a day of mourning and mass protests
Hassan Taiwo Soweto, ERC National Coordinator and Michael Ogundele, National Secretary

Nigeria: One hundred years of capitalist rule

09/03/2014, Failure of both international and local capitalist elite’s rule
By Segun Sango, National Chairperson, Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN)

Nigeria: Attack on Segun Sango, DSM General Secretary

03/02/2014, Segun’s car damaged in attack
Peluola Adewale, Democratic Socialist Movement


18/01/2014, It is a Legalised Assault on Democratic Rights
Education Rights Campaign (ERC) press statement

Nigeria: A political party of the working class is born

20/11/2013, Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) holds inaugural convention
Hassan Taiwo Soweto, National Youth Leader, SPN

Nigeria: 2015 general elections and the working masses

12/09/2013, Under the timetable of Nigeria’s current constitution, the working may have to endure the country’s rulers until the next general elections twenty months away!
Segun Sango, DSM (CWI Nigeria) general secretary

Nigeria: Answering press lies

02/09/2013, Rejoinder to ‘Daily Trust’ fabrication
Onwunalu Alexander, Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI in Nigeria)

Nigeria: President Jonathan declares state of emergency

21/05/2013, An expressway to attacks on democratic rights! For democratic mass working peoples’ defence committees!
Segun Sango, Protem National Chairperson, Socialist Party of Nigeria

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Video: Paul Murphy speaking at anti-water charges demo in Dublin, 23/04/2015

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