“Che guevara – symbol of struggle” by Tony Saunois

’Che Guevara -symbol of struggle’ by Tony Saunois was originally published in 1997. The CWI has republished this original pamphlet as a book.

“Che guevara -symbol of struggle” by Tony Saunois

As the revolt against neo-liberalism and capitalism gathers momentum throughout Latin America the figure of Che Guevara has gained renewed popularity as a symbol of struggle against imperialism and capitalism and for a socialist alternative. In this book Tony Saunois follows the life of Che Guevara as a revolutionary fighter, his role in the Cuban revolution, discusses his ideas about guerrillaism and the attitude of Marxists towards them. These and the lessons from Che’s struggle for a new generation fighting for a socialist alternative form a central theme of this book.

Available from CWI or ’Socialist Books’.

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Britain and Ireland: £5.50

Europe: €9.00

Rest of world: £7.50/US$13.00

Includes postage and packing.

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