Greece: General strike

Today’s general strike in Greece, coming after a movement of the "indignated", showed the huge strength of the resistance to more austerity cuts. Further strikes were announced and the Pasok Prime minister offered to resign.

This interview was conducted at 1 pm today, in Syntagma Square, in front of the Greek parliament. Two hours later, the police turned the square, occupied by the "real democracy" movement since 25 May, into a battle field. Clouds of tear gas filled the air.

However, a few hours later, according to media reports, the Pasok Prime Minister offered his resignation and argued for a government of "unity" – of Pasok and the opposition ND party, the traditional pro-capitalist conservative party.

This is not likely to stop the mass opposition movement, given the bitter and hatered towards all politicians and the austrity cuts package ordered by the of EU, ECB and IMF ’troika’.

Further reports will follow.

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