Egypt’s 1919 revolution

The First World War was ended, in large part, by the Russian and German revolutions. Revolutionary uprisings followed in many other countries thrown into turmoil by the war. In March and April 1919, revolution shook […]


Egypt: Massacre in Sinai

The horrific killing of 305 people at Friday prayers in the al-Rawdah mosque, Bir al-Abd on Friday 24th November is the worst single attack in Egypt’s Sinai region. 27 children were among those killed. Over […]


Egypt: Price hikes hit workers and middle classes

Falling support for dictator Sisi portends growing opposition. 
Egyptian workers and middle classes have been hit hard by prices almost 30 percent higher in January than a year earlier. But after a period of few strikes and workers’ protests, and despite severe state repression, recent signs show this may be starting to change.