Israel: Socialist Struggle holds founding conference

Maavak Sozialisti (Socialist Struggle) in Israel held its formal founding conference over the last weekend (11-12 October). 25 people (mostly young) participated in the event, which exceeded our expectations and was characterised by an enthusiastic and confident atmosphere as well as the highest level of discussions in any of our national meetings so far.

Two documents, one on organisation and the other on political perspectives, were submitted to the members prior to the conference and served as a basis for discussion. The first three discussions covered the world situation, the Middle East (including the expected war in Iraq and the second Intifada), and Israeli perspectives (the economic crisis, the class struggle and workers’ consciousness).

The last session discussed our strategy and tactics for the next period, priorities for our work, finance and targets. The conference approved the target of increasing the membership by one third until the end of 2002 and then doubling it over 2003. Other targets approved were raising monthly income by some 60% and establishing at least one new branch over 2003. Finally, we voted to request to formally join the Committee for a Workers International.

On Friday evening, dazed residents of Tel Aviv witnessed the sight (and heard the sounds) of our noisy members, most in red shirts, loudly singing the Hebrew version of the Internationale on the street following the conference.

Three young sympathisers of Maavak Sozialisti from the newly established Haifa branch (the fourth in the country), who actively participated in the discussions and showed a good political understanding, formally joined the organisation on the second day.

Our members left the conference politically armed, motivated, confident and determined to build the organisation and spread the ideas of revolutionary socialism in the difficult times ahead.

We thank all sections of the CWI that sent the inspiring greetings to the conference that gave those attending a small taste of what being part of an international socialist organisation means.

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