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The Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI) urgently needs your donations to fund the struggle for the socialist transformation of society. The globe is wracked by many deep-seated crises. The capitalist governments’ catastrophic policies regarding the covid disease have cost over five million lives; profit-driven climate change is causing untold environmental degradation and human misery; and heightened tensions between the major powers dangerously risks military conflict. Enormous levels of social inequality and falling living standards for many have produced an ever-widening gulf between the wealthy few and the mass of the world’s people. The capitalist system has nothing to offer but class exploitation, insecurity, poverty, low pay, unemployment, war, hunger and disease.

The situation cries out desperately for fundamental change – for socialist change – a new society based on democratically planned production for human need, rather than production for profit. That is the goal of the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI) and its website, socialistworld.net.

We appeal to you to make a donation today to help fund the campaigning work of the CWI and the development of socialistworld.net, so that our Marxist ideas can reach many more workers and youth.

For over 20 years, socialistworld.net has provided detailed Marxist analysis and commentary on the world situation and on national events. It has served as a political guide for workers and youth who are seeking an alternative to capitalist barbarism. We report first-hand on the struggles of workers, youth, students, communities and oppressed minorities. But we do much more than that – we also offer a socialist programme to take the workers’ movement forward. While building the forces of the CWI, we also actively take part in all the struggles of the working class, youth, poor and oppressed, including the struggle to transform trade unions into combative, democratic mass organisations of the working class, and to create new mass political parties of the working class, poor and youth, based on socialist policies independent of the bosses and all their political parties.

To carry on this vital socialist campaigning work, we rely on the continued financial donations of workers and youth. We appeal to our readers and supporters to make a donation to further the struggle for the socialist reorganisation of society. Every donation will go towards building the CWI and its affiliated sections and groups, and to winning new supporters in other parts of the world. We need funds to carry out international solidarity work with workers in struggle, to develop and expand our reach on social media, and to increase our staff, amongst other urgent gaols.

We urge you to please make a donation today in the struggle to change society!

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