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If you don’t receive mails from us, please write to to notify us. The mails are sometimes pushed to the folders names as “promotion” (Gmail), “junk Email” (Hotmail), or similar spam folders. Please check them and reply back so that your Email providers will know it’s a legitimate Mail. If you are using your office mails then ask the administrator to release it from Spam filters or any virus protection software that may be in use. We do not use expensive tools to deliver your mails. This means there could be delays in delivering mails. Sometime it may be fully blocked. If you are a paying supporter of the website we will keep you updated via your profile page. Become a paying supporter and help to improve our work: Become a Member

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If you forgot your password then click on “Become a supporter” . It will display a form. Click on “Forget your private link? Click here to have it emailed to you.” Which is located at the bottom of the form. We will send you a link immediately to recover your details.

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How to donate / or get involved?

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If you don’t want to join or get involved with the work of Committee for a worker’s International, then please write to Please provide your Email id, Phone number, address and other relevant information in your Email. We will contact you to organise a discussion about joining.

You can also look at the online details of different sections/ supporters of CWI – here. Contact them or simply turn up to the events that we organise – Details of which can be found on the websites or by contacting them.