Iraq: Day X – Canada

The first full day of the war saw protest actions throughout Toronto. A vigil has been set up at the peace fountain in front of Toronto City Hall and will be maintained throughout the conflict.


Day X. Canada.

Thousands protest in Toronto’s financial district

Throughout the day hundreds of people protested across the street from the US consulate, which, as a precaution against demonstrators, has been surrounded by construction hoardings and concrete barriers. Over five thousand of students walked out of high school, college and university classes throughout the city and approached the downtown intersection of Yonge and Bloor streets from four directions. The intersection was occupied for about half an hour for what was initially a ‘die-in’. This quickly developed into a boisterous demonstration. Interactive television reached a new stage as a billboard sized TV overlooking the square broadcast war news and images of George Bush evoking cries of "shame" from the crowd.

The protest ignored the directions of marshalls and marched down Yonge Street, Toronto’s main artery, shouting "Exxon, Mobil, BP, Shell – take your war and go to Hell" as they passed Bay Street, home of Canada’s main financial district, protesters yelled "Bay Street’s covered in Baghdad’s blood". The crowd, stretching down several city blocks, was unfazed by a sudden downpour and joined up with the main demonstration at the US consulate, closing down University Avenue in the process.

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