Iraq: Stop the war in Iraq – Russian media highlights McDonald’s ‘bombing raid’

The weekly protests in Moscow city centre against Bush’s war are now gaining momentum. Socialisticheskoe Soprotivleniye (the Russian section of the CWI) once again headed the anti-war protests in Moscow on Saturday 5 April.

Stop the war in Iraq. Russia.

Russian media highlights McDonald’s ’bombing raid’

This week a number of passers by and a group of school students joined in the protest. Amazingly TV cameras that had come in response to a promise by the protesters to organise "an event" outside McDonalds surrounded the square. After anti-war speeches were made over a hundred youth, all armed with paper aeroplanes, organised a ’bombing raid’ on the restaurant. That evening all of the main news programmes covered the protest, as did several papers. The next protest is planned for the 19 April – a march along the "Axis of evil" – from the British to the US Embassy.



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