Portugal: Lisbon stops for students

On 3 April 2003, Lisbon saw a 1000-strong demo of university students from all over Portugal, protesting against the most recently announced increase in student tuition fees. The protest blocked traffic completely in some of the most used inner city streets.

Due to the right-wing nature of some student unions, and their shameful boycott of the protest, only 1000 students assembled and paraded through the city on the 6.5 km march.

The protest was extremely lively with students ignoring police provocations but singing and shouting slogans all the way.

Members of Alternativa Socialista (CWI’s affiliated group in Portugal) participated in the demo with our slogan, No war! For jobs and education! (Guerra Não! Trabalho e Educação!) which was gladly received by the amassed students.

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