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The New Year will see important changes to the Committee for a Workers’ International (cwi) website. During January, this site will undergo a major revamp and will have a new url name:

Over the last few years, the cwi site has developed as an attractive and much read internet facility on the left internationally. Our clear class analysis and socialist ideas and programme, presented in an accessible and easily navigated site, has won acclaim from activists from across the world. The New Year changes will mark a big step forward for the site and help to raise the banner of the cwi still higher.

The site will, of course, continue arguing a socialist alternative to capitalism. It will incorporate all the best features of the present CWI site, plus major changes in layout and style. We believe these changes will make the cwi site yet more attractive and accessible to working class people and youth. The url name,, we believe, will have particular resonance for the new generation of workers and youth that are moving into opposition to capitalism and imperialism on a world scale.

Along with, the cwi resource site launched earlier this year, and which already is highly popular, the new look cwi site will prove to be a major influence on the left internet. The CWI will continue to provide socialist ideas and programme as a guide to action for militant workers and youth internationally.

The relaunch could not be timelier; falling, as it does, in the year of the thirtieth anniversary of the founding congress of the cwi. Amongst many other roles, the site will, of course, comment extensively on this important milestone in the development of international Marxism.

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