Ireland: Airport stewards end hunger strike as TGWU concedes inquiry

Gordan McNeill and Madan Gupta agreed to end their hunger strike following a meeting with T&GWU Regional Secretary, Brendan Hodgers, at which their call for an enquiry to investigate all that happened during their dispute, including the events that led up to their sacking, was conceded.

T&GWU concedes demand for an enquiry

After ending his fast at 4.30pm Gordon McNeill commented: "We now have an assurance in writing that the T&GWU will hold an enquiry into our case. We are very pleased with this outcome. The only unfortunate thing is that it has taken almost two years and the desperate step of a hunger strike to get this result.

"All we want is for the truth to come out and we are now confident that it will. Today’s decision now leaves us free to do what we have wanted to do all along; concentrate our fight against our employer, ICTS, to make sure that other low paying companies cannot get away with sacking workers for going on strike."

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