Ireland: Joe Higgins – ‘Best Dáil performer of the year’

The Irish Times on Saturday, 18 December, included an amusing article by a journalist called Drapier in which he gave annual awards to members of the Irish parliament, the Dáil.

Amongst them was a nomination going to Socialist Party TD (MP), Joe Higgins, who recently had his political clothes apparently stolen by the Taoiseach (Prime Minister) (See report of exchanges in the Dáil on on 9 December 2004).

Arabian prince

Drapier wrote: "Top of the pile here is the naked politician himself, Joe Higgins, whose clothes were purloined with such barefaced, but hardly red-faced, cheek by Bertie, thus providing one of the best bits of craic (repartee) in the Dáil all year. Higgins made many top-notch contributions to debates during 2004, but it’s for his colourful turn of phrase that Drapier gives him the nod, such as his likening of the Taoiseach (Prime Minister) to an Arabian prince as he pitches tent each year at the Galway races."

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