Britain: International solidarity with Israeli students

Successful picket of Israeli Embassy in London

Members of the Israeli CWI at Jerusalem University are facing attacks for standing in elections to the student union leadership. The university security has prevented meetings from taking place, confiscated their leaflets, and taken down all their posters. In practice, this means that only the student organisations of the government parties can organise political activity in the university.

The ISR and the Socialist Party (England and Wales) are organising solidarity protests to support our student comrades and their right to have political activities on university campuses.

International Socialist Resistance picketed the Israeli Embassy in London, on Wednesday 2 March, to oppose these crude attempts to stop students from organising at Jerusalem University. About 15 people turned up, despite atrocious weather.

We handed a letter of protest to the ambassador.

We demand:

  • And end to intimidation of political activists in Jerusalem University
  • No to the victimisation of students organising on campus
  • For the right to freedom of speech and organisation for both Israeli Jews and Israeli Arabs

Show you solidarity with socialist students in Israel. Send letters of protest to the Dean of Jerusalem University, Hannah Rahamimov:

pictures by (a very damp) Karim Brikci

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