world social forum 2006: Nurses protest in Caracas

Sacked for speaking out



CWI members from five countries are in Caracas preparing to attend the World Social Forum there and explain the case for revolutionary socialism. Below is a report of a protest of nurses outside the Presidential palace in the capital city

Nurses protest in Caracas

"We want the president’s ear and the health ministers head". Over 50 nurses were protesting outside the Miraflores – President Chávez’s palace in Caracas, Venezuela. They had blocked the road and were faced by a line of military police barring their way to the palace.

"We work in the Barrio Dentro health mission" Karina told us. "All we are demanding is respect and dignity for the work we do. Like the Cuban doctors who come over here to help, we go into the clinics in the poor areas and help the people who cannot afford to go to hospital. This is important work but we don’t have proper rights. I and four other nurses were sacked for speaking out – for standing up for our rights".

"We haven’t been paid for 7 months" shouted another nurse. "We get well below the minimum wage. Just over 300,000 Bolivares (100 pounds a month). We don’t have the right to social security".

"Chávez open your eyes to what is going on" read one banner. "We have a good president – the best there is" said one of the protesters. But in the ministers and the government there is the same corruption as before". "When we try to say what is going on then the door is shut in our faces – we’ve had enough"

"The right has infiltrated the government" Jaqueline told us. "They must listen to the people. We are the one who know what is going on. We don’t just want a constitution, we want to participate and reclaim our rights. As women – we need the revolution – we need equality and social justice. This protest is succesfull. They tremble because they know we tell the truth".

We wished them well as we left and asked them how long they would be staying. "As long as it takes" they replied " until we get an answer".

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