Germany: Election victory for Kassel ‘Left for work and social justice’ and SAV.

On the 26th of March, there were federal state elections in Germany, and local council elections in Hessen.

In Hessen several left alliances stood in nearly all city councils. In Kassel, a joint list of WASG, PDS, SAV, some immigrant organisations and individuals stood under the banner: ‘Kassel Left for Work and Social Justice’.

The main points of the programme were:

  • No cuts, no privatisation
  • No public Jobs with the wage of 1 Euro an hour
  • Against Hartz-legislation (Unemployment laws)
  • more public jobs by a shortening of the working time, a programme of public investment for youth, Enviroment, Housing, public transport and culture
  • For a change of taxation, so that the local authorities get more money

Other demands were the cancelling of the debts and the renationalisation of privatised companies. The programme also opposed the formation of a government with the established parties.


The election-campaign focused on the questions of privatisation and cuts in the local hospital. More than 100.000 leaflets were distributed and 400 big posters were put up. There were daily stalls and activities in schools and workplaces.

The Kassel Left got 6,8%. This was one of the best results in Hessen. 5 councillors were elected, one of them is Nico Weinmann, a member of Socialist Alternative, the German section of the CWI (see photo).

One important feature of this election is that in three areas where the SAV members concentrated their campaign the Kassel left alliance for social justice won a higher vote.In Nord (Holland) about 14% voted for the Kassel Left. Other Areas were between 9 and 12%.

The election campaign has laid a good base to build the Kassel Left in the next years, but also to strengthen the ranks of Socialist Alternative.

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