Russia: Socialists arrested during Kazakhstan Embassy picket

Urgent protest action need!

Today, Friday 31 March, four Socialist Resistance (CWI in Russia) members were arrested in Moscow while taking part in a picket at the Kazakhstan Embassy. They were protesting against the recent brutal repression of residents in Alma-Ata in Kazakhstan (see this week’s article on

As today’s Moscow picket started, around 30 police swooped on the protesters, and four Socialist Resistance (cwi) comrades were arrested and taken to a Moscow police station.

The police took this action despite the protesters following the strict state regulations to hold a public protest, as they have often done before.

Urgent solidarity action is needed. Demand the immediate release of the four protesters.

Please send protest faxes immediately to the police station where the four are held, calling for immediate release of Igor Yasin, Sergei Kozlovskiy, Denis Davidov and Sascha Davidov.

Fax protests to the following police station number:

  • 007 495 917 0210
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