Cyprus: Kurdish refugee asylum campaign – successful day of international protests! – Belgium

Respect the right to asylum of the Kurdish refugees!

Kurdish refugee asylum campaign

International protests. Report from Belgium

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Protest action at the embassy of Cyprus:

This Friday, 10 November, LSP-MAS organised a protest in Brussels in front of the Cypriot embassy. This action was part of a campaign for international solidarity with the Kurdish refugees in Cyprus who are being threatened with deportation to Syria. Our sister organisations around the world have done similar actions in their own country.

We asked the ambassador to receive us in order to hand him about 50 protest letters. We also wanted to meet with him to put pressure on the Cypriot government to recognise the right to asylum of the Kurdish refugees in Cyprus.  After 30 minutes the only answer we got was that it was out of the question for him to receive us and that our letters would be delivered to him.  This shows the necessity of maintaining the pressure on the Cypriot government in order that they will not deport the Kurdish refugees to their Syrian oppressors and torturers!

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