Lebanon: May day 2007 – Workers’ Unity – Only Way to end War & Poverty!

The following CWI leaflet was distributed in Arabic in Beirut on Mayday

Workers and ordinary people are paying the price

While the Lebanese government is in huge crisis, living conditions for employees and workers across the country are desperate. Thousands of people are in desperate need for decent homes, food and work for a living wage. Civilian infrastructure still needs to be urgently rebuilt, including bombed schools and hospitals. Neither the majority in government, nor the newly called opposition are interested in truly organizing an immediate massive emergency funding of public works. Immediate issues facing people on the ground -are free quality education and health services, and cheap electricity and diesel supply. To provide proper reconstruction, the major industries in Lebanon need to be taken into public, democratic ownership, so a national economic plan can be carried out, for the benefit of all working people.

No to imperialist interference

Israel’s aims, through the big imperialist powers, want to install a client Lebanese government. This is linked to the continuing oppression of the Palestinians in the Occupied Territories and the war in Iraq, as part of the policy of "regime change" in the region – the new Middle East of Western controlled privatization of our public services and attacks on workers’ rights. This is what Paris Three is about and needs to be fought against by an independent united workers’ movement. Southern Lebanon is now largely under UN control – a tool of the main Western capitalist powers – the same body which stood back and watched while Israel bloodily pounded Lebanon. The CWI calls for the removal of all foreign forces from Lebanon, and for all the working people of Lebanon to decide their future, free of imperialist meddling.

Workers’ Unity & Socialism

In the post-war conditions of 20% unemployment, low pay and poverty, the potential for a mass united struggle of the working class and poor undoubtedly exists. But to realise this potential a cross-community, working-class party is needed, which has a political programme to unite the poorest sections of the population. Such a party could only achieve this unity by putting forward demands which deal with the common daily problems. With mass, cross-community support, such a class unity could go beyond economic and democratic rights demands and end sectarian division which is part of the capitalist system. The bosses and right wing politicians use ’divide and rule’ tactics to remain in power. A democratic socialist society is necessary to overcome these divisions, once and for all.

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