Bolivia: CWI member arrested in Bolivia

Urgent solidarity needed

Following attacks on left-wing activists by right-wing thugs, working in collaboration with the right-wing Prefectura in Cochabamba, Bolivia, CWI member Adam Ziemkowski, has been arrested by the local police. Adam will appear in court on Wednesday 6th June charged with ‘sedition and incitement to violence’. Adam, a US national is in Bolivia on an international scholarship studying marginalised and oppressed groups. Bolivian members of the CWI have also been threatened by right-wing thugs and in one case threatened with rape. A solidarity campaign is being built in Cochabamba along with a campaign against violence and repression by the right-wing.

The CWI appeals to all workers’ and youth internationally to rush protest letters to the Prefectura in Conchabamba demanding that the charges against Adam Ziemkowski be dropped.

Protest letters should be e/mail or faxed to Manfred Reyes Villa at the following e/mail:

Copies should also be sent to

Suggested protest letter in Spanish

A Manfred Reyes Villa

Gobierno Departamental de Cochabamba

Plaza 14 de Septiembre Acera Norte 243



Distinguido Señor,

Nos dirigimos a Usted para protestar en los más vigorosos términos por el arresto y detención del Don Adam Ziemkowski, un ciudadano norteamericano. El Señor Ziemkowski está con una beca internacional de los EE.UU. en Bolivia, conocida como ‘Full Bright Scholar’.

Como Usted sabe, él ha sido acusado de sedición y de incitar a la violencia, a pesar de que cuando fue arrestado tenía en su poder panfletos de un grupo que estaba protestando contra la violencia y la represión en Cochabamba, material que el Señor Ziemkowski estaba usando para su investigación académica.

El arresto del Sr. Ziemkowski y la amenaza de acusación en su contra es un ataque flagrante contra los derechos democráticos y humanos. De continuar se reflejará de manera extremadamente negativa contra Usted mismo y las autoridades bolivianas. Nosotros estamos decidimos a continuar acciones sobre este asunto y denunciar internacionalmente estas medidas anti-democráticas a menos que estos cargos sean descartados.

Por lo tanto le solicitamos encarecidamente descartar todos los cargos contra el Sr. Ziemkowski y permitirle continuar su investigación en Bolivia de una manera democrática y libre.

Reciba nuestros atentos saludos,

In English

To Manfred Reyes Villa

Gobierno Departemental de Cochabamba

Plaza 14 de Septembrre Acreca Norte 243



Dear Sir,

We are writing to protest in the strongest possible terms at the arrest and prosecution of Mr. Adam Ziemkowski, a USA national. Mr. Ziemkowski is currently on a US international scholarship in Bolivia, a ‘Full Bright Scholar’.

As you know he has been charged with sedition and inciting violence despite carrying leaflets when arrested from a group, which he was using for his research, which were protesting against violence and repression in Cochabamba.

The arrest of Mr. Ziemkowski, and his threatened prosecution is a blatant attack on democratic and human rights. If continued it will reflect extremely negatively on yourself and the Bolivian authorities. We intend to take this matter further and expose these undemocratic measures internationally unless these charges are dismissed.

We therefore urge you to dismiss all charges against Mr. Ziemkowski and allow him to continue his research in Bolivia in a democratic and free manner.


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