Australia: Socialist Party local election campaign launched

Steve Jolly fights to retain Yarra Council (Melbourne) seat

Last weekend, the Socialist Party (CWI Australia) launched its local election campaign, following a successful national SP conference. Steve Jolly, a sitting councilor in Yarra City Council (Melbourne) is campaigning to re-win a seat. Steve is well-known in Melbourne, and beyond, for his principled socialist opposition to the ALP-led council, consistently fighting cuts and leading local campaigns for better resources. The election launch included three mini-videos on the election campaign (produced by Corinne Grant). The first video includes discussion about the campaign, followed by a satirical piece and finally a message from the producer Corinne Grant. Over 100 people packed into the venue to hear speeches, watch the videos, and have a good night. Over $600 cash was raised towards the election campaign and many people volunteered to help. The speeches from the launch night will be posted also on YouTube.

video on youtube

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