Sweden: Stop The War in Gaza – 12,000 on Stockholm demo

12,000 on Stockholm demo

In one of the biggest solidarity demonstrations for many years in Stockholm, 12,000 people gathered on Saturday 10 January. The organisers were from the network ’Gaza Solidarity’, including around 15 organisations. Demo slogans were: Stop the Massacre, Break the blockade, Support the freedom struggle of the Palestinians!

solidarity demonstration in Stokholm

Speakers included former Green MP, Per Garthon, and Dror Feiler from Jews For Israeli-Palestinian Peace. Social democratic party leader, Mona Sahlin, was also at the demonstration.

The event lacked socialist speakers, but Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna’s leaflets and newspaper, Offensiv, got a great response. We sold more than 424 papers, hundreds of badges and collected many signaturs for a petitition, which included the call for a socialist Middle East. The fact that RS has a sister party in Israel received particular strong interest. Around 60 school students signed up for more information on School Students against War, launched by Elevkampanjen (ISR Sweden).

RS on the demonstration

RS participated in demos around the country, with party city councillors, Jonas Brännberg and Jan Hägglund, speaking at demos in Luleĺ and Umeĺ, respectively. In Gothenburg, Sundsvall and other cities, RS material got a good response.

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