Italy: Successful Controcorrente weekend in Genoa

Italian socialists take stock of struggles and debate the way forward.

Over 150 people attended a weekend of discussion and debate organised by Controcorrente in Genova, Italy, on 20, 21 + 22 November. The main themes of the weekend were struggle in Italy and internationally, and building a workers’ party. A debate on the future for the Left, with speakers from most of the main anti-capitalist Left in Italy, attracted over 100 people. CWI members in Italy attended the meeting and three of the platform speakers were from the CWI, including Euro MEP Joe Higgins and Sean Figg from the England + Wales campaign, Youth for Jobs. Others speakers talked about struggles against privatisation in the shipyards and Post Office, the environmental battle in Val di Susa to stop the building of a high speed train link and the movement in Iran

The meeting helped to raise the national profile of Controcorrente and to establish it as a relevant force on the Left in Italy.

Socialist Party (CWI in Ireland) MEP, Joe Higgins, spoke at meeting

Sean Figg, Youth Fight for Jobs campaign, Britain.

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