Kazakhstan: “Release Ainur Kurmanov – Stop the repression of socialist and worker activists!”

Joe Higgins MEP protests over jailing of socialist activist Ainur Kurmanov

The following protest was sent, today, by Joe Higgins MEP (Member of the European Parliament) Socialist Party (CWI in Ireland) to the Kazakhstan Procuror’s office and to the Ambassador.

Please send urgent protests demanding Ainur’s immediate release to the addresses already provided (for details see: ‘Kazakhstan: Socialist activist Ainur Kurmanov jailed for 14 days on trumped-up charges’,www.socialistworld.net, 27/04/2010 ).

Please also protest to the OSCE, of which Kazakhstan is currently Chair.


Protest Letter from Joe Higgins

Dear Procuror & Ambassador,

I write to express my outrage at the jailing of socialist activist, Ainur Kurmanov for organizing an "unsanctioned picket" in front of the ATF Bank, at a court in Almaty today.

The fact that Ainur was charged with the same offence a few months ago and that was thrown out by the judge, demonstrates the farcical nature of the charge.

It is clear that the jailing of Mr. Kurmanov is driven by fear of the developing movements of social protest and independent trade unions.

I will be immediately raising this issue with my fellow MEPs in the European Parliament. I am sure that the irony of Kazakhstan being the current Chair of the OSCE, an organisation that is supposed to safeguard human rights, will not be lost on them!

I call on you to immediately ensure the release of Ainur Kurmanov and to stop the repression of socialist and worker activists in Kazakhstan.

Yours faithfully,

Joe Higgins MEP

Member of the European Parliament

Socialist Party (Ireland)

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